If you have not yet mastered the skills of using the Internet you have to learn! The future of any business is connected with the Internet!

Organize your house in order. Simplify household duties. Get rid of unnecessary things – soon you can buy anything you want. But now you need more space for convenient placement of the instrument. Spend a family meeting and section of household responsibilities. Plan your daily activities: write down the business meetings, fix in any case responsibilities, etc. Make a clear work plan that no television, no visits neighbors, no telephone calls will not disconnect you from the case. Organize your home office. Own a home office is a convenient and prestigious. Make your workspace object of envy of friends and relatives.

In any business your most important task is sale of goods or services. None business will not last long without selling. Any sale begins with advertising. Advertising should cause the buyer to commit a given action. The success or failure of advertising is always obliged to how advertising is made.

In general, the compiler expects the advertising potential buyer of the following:

1. Visit the shop and immediately aware of the goods or immediately ordered the goods – over the telephone or other means.
2. Call for an appointment with the seller or seller’s agent, hear a presentation of the goods or order more information – which is practically the same.

In any case, the purpose of advertising is one: motivate the reader to buy the goods or services.

Compiled by advertising should know exactly what he wants from a reader! If advertising does not cause the desired action – the work is done bad!

In order to motivate the reader to the desired action, advertising must:

1. Attract attention of potential buyers,
2. Cause a potential buyer interest in the goods,
3. Motivate his desire to purchase a product,

This is the Fundamental Formula of advertising: ATTENTION – INTEREST – DESIRE – ACTION.

Never forget the working rule: if advertising is not read it will not cause the sale.
Professionals know the fundamentals like the five fingers. Regardless of whether you know them or only familiar with them – your knowledge bases and their use will determine the success of your sales.

In deciding what product to sell – determine how and to whom you are going to sell. Thus, having a preliminary market research and identifying among the buyers of your product try to answer the question as most potential buyers willing to pay for your goods.

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