Every year, round about this time, I begin to think that I am really lucky. Having dual nationality, I have two new years to look forward to.


One is almost upon us,  and the other, the Persian new  year, which will come in spring.  In a way, I get to enjoy the best of both.


But the major event in my calendar is the start of 2012. There are so many things I’m looking forward to and excited about in 2012.


Not only do  I have hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations, I have solid plans that I have been working on for a while now and real projects that are almost complete.  Well at least two of them are!


Knowing that I have one project  completed, another one more than half way through, and two further projects all lined up, fills me full of energy and enthusiasm.


My first launch will probably be in early 2012.  It’s the first of four products I’ve been working on so watch this space.


It has been my persistence and hard work  that enabled me to achieve certain goals and some success too but one thing I realized during my four years of Internet Marketing learning cure is that hard work will eventually pay off but you must take a breather now and then in order to be able to carry on working  otherwise you risk a total melt down!


Take the human heart for instance, it’s the most important part of our body and it works inexorably throughout our lives.  In an average lifetime, the heart beats over 2.5 billion times-38 million times a day without interruption. Amazing isn’t it?


The heart accomplishes this constant work  by taking frequent and regular rests.  We may not notice it but that’s what it does after every beat, it takes a short rest.


So I’ve taken a lesson from knowing this fact that for every day that I work hard, I take a little break and for every week that I work relentlessly, I have a little time-out. I sure bellieve this is the only way to achieve success.


But rest doesn’t mean doing nothing, it simply means doing something different, something that’s not classed as work, something that feeds the soul and relaxes the muscles.


I personally don’t believe in making new year resolutions but if you have to make one, let it be this; that you will work hard to achieve the success you deserve, but take time to nurture your finer qualities too.

Happy new year everyone!


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