If you are an internet marketer, you have to worry about building a list. In fact, sending a potential customer straight to a sale page is easier and one less step for the customer, however if you intend to build a long lasting and stable business you require a list. In this article we will examine why internet marketing requires list building.

First of all, you have to know that internet marketing, list building, affiliate marketing and email marketing all go together. Probably you have heard that your money is in the list. A targeted email list of your potential customers that you could sell to over and over throughout the years is vital to any internet based business. It could really make a difference between surviving and going broke.

Below there are some tips to show you that list building is crucial for any internet marketing business.

– All your money is in the list. In fact, it is much easier to go back and sell more products to a list of people who have bought from your before. You have to remember that you managed to get a dollar from a customer, then you can do this once again. With this said, it is easier to sell another product that is related to the original product sold to the same customer. You have to remember that repeat sales are one stream if steady income to any internet based business.

– Relationships. Probably you will agree that it is much easier to sell to someone that you have a relationship with than to a stranger. The majority of people tend to purchase from people they trust. By having a list if previous customers and followers that you have already built relationships with, this presents less resistance to new sales. One of the most vital aspects of list building is building ongoing relationships with people on your list.

– Try to make them want more. If you manage to provide useful and interesting information to your list, then they will be pleased to hear and purchase from you. Your list will be quite loyal, especially if they receive different discounts and freebies from you. Without a list, you will not be able to do this. You have to understand that there is nothing more rewarding than to hear from a customer thanking you for the discount or information that received by being on your list.

– Sense of endearment. By being included into your list and receiving different free reports or useful information, your customers have a feeling of endearment towards you. In the most cases, they feel guilty for not buying from you. In fact, you gave them something for free as well as helped make their life much easier and thus they will more likely buy from you.

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