Viral marketing is simply getting others to spread the word about your products.  It is easy and in most cases free to do when you do this online. 

There are ways that you can pay for viral marketing as well, such as newspaper advertising or leafle distribution or giving away free gifts but viral marketing online is a snap and the various websites and networks make this type of marketing so easy that anyone can learn about it. 

 Viral marketing is essential if you are going to market your product online.  You can use viral marketing to market any product or service online without it costing you any money.  You just have to know what to do and how to do it. 

 Here are some tips on how to use viral marketing to work for you:


Use social networks

 Social networks such as Face book are very useful when it comes to viral marketing.  These social networks can be used in a many different ways.  Once you are established at a social network, you can lead people to your sales page.  You can also post links to your own website on a social networking page and use the forums. 

 Use social bookmarking

 Social bookmarking sites are one way that you can get the word out about your website for free. Sites such as Digg are community sites where people not only read the articles or website materials that you post, but also vote on them. The more votes you get, the more you rise in the social bookmarking site. 

 Using video

 You should use YouTube as a way to communicate just about anything, including your marketing idea.  YouTube is free and is a very effective form of social marketing as it is also a community as well as a website that allows you to post free videos.  All you need is a simple camcorder and access to the internet and you can create your own commercial.  All for free. 

Using e-mail marketing

 You can use e-mail marketing to spread the word about a product or an idea.  Promise free tips or give something free for people who spread the word.  For example, you can send out five e-mails to friends or relatives with a link to your site and tell them that you will send them a free tip on something if they send it to five friends as well.  This can really spread the word and you can send out a free tip to them.  You would of course need to use an autoresponder for this purpose and a really cheap one I would recommend is  Aweber

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