If  you weren’t getting good results by giving away a free report to your niche, You’d wonder what you’re doing wrong right? Well the answer is that you’re not doing anything wrong you just need to change what you’re doing. Try offering audio, or video or software. Work on improving your landing page copy.


Here’s another example: let’s say one of your traffic sources wasn’t performing very well. You would definitely want to look at your advertising copy before you decide that source is junk, right?


The main point I want to get across here is that the proven money-making models aren’t going anywhere. What happens is that Internet usage patterns fluctuate, and customer needs fluctuate.


All you have to do is stay on top of the emerging trends in your target market, and adjust accordingly. Last but not least…


It’s important that you strive for consistency, focus and patience.


You do face a fair amount of competition online, but it is not insurmountable. In fact, do you want to know one of the real secrets to making money online?  


That secret is longevity

 The longer you’re in business, the stronger your business gets.

 Part of this has to do with exposure. You build up your visibility and brand awareness over time. You keep at it and you garner name recognition, which is very important.


If you stick to your guns, you’ll find that competition comes and goes, while you maintain a solid presence in your niche. People trust and respect that sort of longevity, and you’ll reap the rewards.

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