I‘ve been so totally preoccupied with my project all the while that I seem to be in a dream state of late.


To give an example-Today, I put my lunch in the microwave and was staring out of the window while waiting. After I heard the “Ding” from the microwave, letting me know the food was ready, I opened the fridge to get my food!


That’s focused for you!!


* * * *


No development yet on the product creation front.  Still thinking of a way to get out of the deadlock I’m in.  You know, the synchronization of the audio and videos I’ve been talking about in my previous posts. 


Short of buying  another quite expensive software and then spending time to learn how to use it, I can’t see a way out. 


To be quite honest, I am getting to a point that I’m thinking what the hell am I doing here?  I’ve been trying to rush this through for launch but there is a lot to do and Sometimes things just don’t work out as quickly and smoothly as you want them to.


Sometimes you have to let events go through their own phase.  I suppose my Critically optimistic outlook on things and my acute impatience don’t really help matters much here.


But allow me to entertain my fantasy for a moment and imagine that we live in an ideal world where everything always turns out exactly the way we want.


If that were the case, I would’ve by now launched my product, had my prominent internet friends and connections promote it to their list and hundreds, even thousands of people were rushing for their wallets and credit cards to purchase my course. voila!  Fame and fortune for me. 


Yeah right!  If only it was that easy!

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