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When you have an online business you do not have the plus side of selling your product in person. All you have is written words therefore your words are very important; they make or break the sale.

Writing up a compelling sales letter means that you need to get into the minds of your readers and influence their decision. You should know who your customer base is, what age group, gender, etc.

Some sales letters are more than twenty pages long, but still keep the readers attention the entire time. The sales letter needs to fully describe the problem the customer may be having and why your product is the only solution.

Your sales letter should earn your readers trust and explain why your product is absolutely the best. You should also describe your product in detail so that the reader understands completely what is being sold. Some people add a claim that includes a number. For instance, you may want to mention how much money someone made after reading your book that gives away all the secrets to making millions.

The sales letter should make the reader feel that there is a sense of urgency, that they must take action and purchase the product now. There may be a few slots remaining for the service or just so many eBooks left to sell, or there may be a certain time where the product will not be for sale anymore. Testimonials from excited customers whose lives have been changed will also be a great help. Bonuses also entice the customer to purchase your product. I have bought products that I didn’t even need purely because I wanted the bonuses!

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