An example of organizations which are “similar to the representatives of the” network marketing is “pyramid.” They are attracted to its ranks of so-called staff, inviting them to enter into a sort of “contract of employment.” Its essence is that the future “employee” must pay a certain sum of money for the work in the organization. After that, all his subsequent activities will be to identify and attract these same “employees.” But his income is the sum of royalties paid to their “contracts of employment” means. For smoothing arising in these cases conflicts with the law, such “companies” use the version on the distribution of some often formal production.

Another thing is that there is sweeping and unsubstantiated allegations, that the profession of this unqualified and hopeless, that there is nothing to learn and work. These charges in network marketing are worthy and appropriate response. The key to it is the use of piece rates. But not everyone can become a good sales agent. For this we need to have certain qualities: energy and dedication, persistence and responsibility, sociability and tact. Those who possess them could seize and sell, can thus earn good money.

Specifics of such work is that network marketing professionals must have a lot of direct contacts with people and their success depends directly on the work efficiency. This means that working with your head you can always just learn the art of persuasion and networking. Develop impeccable politeness combined with a solid self-confidence. Inevitably acquire invaluable experience in practical application of psychology. And your address book will be filled up with lots of useful phone numbers … It will certainly be necessary not only for professional careers, but for the entire life expectancy. Give you this profession and one ability is to smile. For good reason Chinese proverb says: “Those who can not smile should not be engaged in trade.”

In conclusion, it is necessary to say: network marketing is the very extensive and multifaceted concept, not deserving unambiguously positive or negative attitude. You have to learn how to distinguish a normal company from the company -“pyramid”. From our subsequent publications you can learn about other useful and interesting things. But those who have one term “network marketing” continues to cause fear, recall the words: “Man fears only that he does not know, knowledge overcomes all fear.”

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