Trying to work with unnecessary goods and services.
I do not dispute, your products and services can be literally your sons, whom you have give the whole soul, strength, time and money, but understand that you will never succeed if they are not what you need on target market. The world market is changing every day and you need to change with it. At one point, it may be that the market no longer requires that you have to offer and then the only way to salvation is a change of course.

Start asking your visitors and subscribers to certain issues, in particular: what most of all they want, what they are looking for. In nine cases out of ten you will immediately find that your dogs are barking up the wrong tree, and your boasted offer totally responds to client requests.

The absence of a unique position on the web. What distinguishes your site from another? Why does the user of the hundreds of such sites should choose yours? And why potential clients should refer specifically to you and not to your competitors? If you can not answer all these questions one short sentence, it means that you do not have the uniqueness required for survival in today’s world of e-business at this stage of its development.

Take some time and visit the sites of your competitors. What makes your site better and how it differs from their resources? What makes you stand out from the crowd: lower prices, better levels of service, free gifts, more rapid achievement of desired client outcomes, something else?

Insufficient knowledge of the target market. In exactly do you know the needs and desires of your own market? Spend you time figuring out why your customers buy products and services from you rather than the competitors? Do you participate in newsgroups and mailing lists in order to understand what they’re looking representatives of your target market?

If you do not know why people buy your products and services, how you’re going to target your own advertising on the proper level and to write promotional materials, which would put pressure on the weaknesses of potential clients, urging them to make a purchase? Would you like to answer this question?

General idea about this problem in practice plays a much larger role than it might seem from the theoretical positions. Confident and strong market knowledge will tell you how to arrange promotional materials that will bring you success, the lack of the same study will never bring you profit.

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