In this article I present a description of the most common marketing mistakes made every day by most entrepreneurs, mistakes which could cost them tens of thousands of dollars annually. And it’s very sad to note that there are many owners of e-business companies which have no chance of being prosperous. And as you know, if your business is under a weak base it will not bring you the revenue requirement.

Orientation of short-term prospects. Do you have a comprehensive long-term business plan or vision for your business is limited to one month or at most a few? Lucky marketers care how to provide a plan for the year, for five, ten and even fifty years. What should such plan include?

Most entrepreneurs laugh by which is known to suffer a loss on average about $ 3 for each sold book, not bothering to even think about the long-term business plan of this company. The secret here is simple: the huge financial resources at this stage of leadership spends on it in order to make the company famous worldwide. The result of this policy is not forcing to wait long: is fast becoming the world’s largest portal for the sale of books and is famous and popular, and owners of other companies selling books less and less are able to resist it in the competition.

I absolutely do not try to convince you to spend your entire budget to attract customers in this way, because most owners of small and medium businesses can not afford implement such tactics. The purpose of this example is completely different – to encourage you to learn to appreciate the customers your company as a guarantee of its existence.

Everyone knows that to sell new products and services to existing customers is in 7 – 10 times easier than attract new ones. How do you implement or plan to develop relationships with the customers? Whether you are looking for those goods and services that are better able to meet the needs?

Lack of willingness to think creatively. A characteristic feature of most marketers is that they see only two ways of electronic advertising. First is free advertising: link exchange, advertise for free classified ads, participate in newsgroups, etc. Second is paid advertising: buying banner impressions, buying links, offline ads, etc. And what is about work in other directions? In particular, the search for those who would like to recommend your products and services to its clients for a percentage of sales improved due to this. In addition, significant traffic flows can bring press releases, covering information on products and services that can meet the needs of your target market. Have you ever thought about working with the media? Do you provide your own affiliate program? Affiliate program is the most reliable, fastest and easiest way to a dramatic increase in sales. Let others also sell your products and services!

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