Do you believe in destiny? Do you really believe that your future is pre written and nothing you can do can change it for you? I don’t.


I believe that you can change your fate however you want. It’s up to you to set your own goals. It’s up to you to make the effort to achieve your goals and consequently write your own future.


The only thing you have little or no control over is your death. But let’s not get too philosophical about that!!


The point I’m trying to put across is that you have the ability, if you have the will, to change your circumstances and here’s how:


I’ve made my own law, to counter act Murphy’s Law; “if shit can happen, it will” And my answer to that is “So what! stop the shit  from hitting the fan and you’ll only need to do a little cleaining up!”   🙂

Now, The reason I’ve made this highly non philosophical observation is this: Yes it’s true that things can go wrong, but  the art of survival is to be able to stop the chain reaction by closing down or bringing to a standstill whatever it is that’s gone wrong in the first place.


There is always a way around the obstacles. It’s not always obvious, it’s not always easy and sometimes it prolongs the process, but again so what! What’s the rush?


So if you bear with me, I will get my product launched in  good time now that I’ve identified the problem.

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