I may not be far wrong to suggest that there are mostly two types of people who use the Internet:

  •  There are those who just surf and brows
  •  There are those who search to buy
  •  There are those who sell and profit

 OK that was three!  But really there are only two types of people Among Those who trade on the internet

 Those who Can sell and become financially free


 Those who Can’t sell and struggle to make ends meet.

 Do you know what makes an internet entrepreneur Successful?

 What Do the Gurus Do to Become Gurus?

 How Do they achieve the level of income that allows them to have the lifestyle that we all dream about?

  • To be able to work when and where you want
  •  To be able to holiday where and when you want
  •  To be able to buy whatever your heart desires
  •  To be able to make Tons of money even while you sleep

 Have you ever pondered  what is the Secret Ingredient that Makes up the Recipe for Success?

Well let me tell you what it’s all about…

  •  It’s not about being a Genius
  •  It’s not about having a University Education
  •  It’s not Magic beans that grow into money trees!
  •  It’s not the golden goose that lays golden eggs!
  •  It’s not a money making factory!

It’s all about Knowing the Secrets of Effective Marketing

The Skill to Dominate the Market and Turn the Browsers in to Buyers

That’s how the gurus do it.

Even if they don’t have the skills themselves, they hire experts to do it for them.

If you intent to succeed in making money on line you need to do the same.

Whatever it is you are trying to sell on the internet, it’s an absolute must that you know how to write Words that Generate Sweeping Impact on Readers to Compel Them to Take their Wallets out and Buy.

Let’s go back to the question I asked earlier:

What Do the Gurus Do to Become Gurus?

They themselves will tell you that they are no different from ordinary people.

What makes them extraordinary is that they take action at the right time and they plan for success.

Most gurus have a rags to riches story to tell you.

Even the ones who don’t will still tell you that they started from ground zero and worked their way up.

They educate themselves and research their market.  They learn the skills and put together a wining team to help them on their quest.


Lets leave the gurus alone for a bit and talk about the average man and woman

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this but I’m going to tell you anyway!

These days almost everyone searches for whatever they want on the internet.

Whether they are looking for answers and solutions or looking to buy stuff, everyone looks it up on the internet.

Unless of course they are still curled up under an ancient rock!

In a nutshell, the internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life.

Except of course for those creatures under the rock!!

The sheer speed in which the internet has grown is proof enough.

You can now use the immense power of the world wide web and become successful internet marketer selling

anything from ebooks, to software to audio and video products, motivational seminars, health and fitness lessons……  The list is endless.

How do you succeed in making money on the internet?

  1.  You need a product
  2.  You need a website
  3.  You need traffic to your site
  4.  you need a sizzling hot copy.

Not necessarily in that order.  In fact if anything, I would say a strong copy is the most important part of the process.

Without a money-pulling sales letter to compel your visitors to buy from you, you are not in business.

You may have big plans and a fantastic product or service to offer, but if you don’t know the firs thing about marketing or writing a Sales Copy, you can kiss your business goodbye period.

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