I’ve always said I’m a tough cookie even though I’m extremely sensitive and incurably sentimental.  It’s a bit confusing isn’t it because the two characteristics don’t really go together, but there you are. This is  the ultimate paradox!


Now back to the product creation saga!  After I realised that the audio and videos are not synchronized, I tried to find a way to correct this fault.  There is no sincronizacion options on any of my audio-video editing software.

So I was playing around with my audio editing gizmo and realised that you can speed up the recording.  Oh yeah!  I can do it this way.

  OK.  Judge for yourself. 

This is the original audio

And this is the fast version


Errrr!   don’t think so!!


You think I’ve tried enough?  Should I give up now or carry on like a fool!

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