Isn’t it remarkable how things can suddenly develop and take you by surprise?


It’s like watching a baby learn to walk.  From crawling on all fours to standing on two feet and taking real steps doesn’t really take that long, but while your watching and anticipating, it can feel like an eternity.  However, you blink and you almost miss the transition!


Well, this is what happened to me with my Internet marketing steep learning curve!


It was just over three years ago when I was introduced to Internet Marketing.  I was looking into property business at the time and stumbled upon a site that was delivering exactly what I was looking for.  An opportunity to make enough money to enable me to get into the property market.


This was not like any other business opportunity I had experienced before, this was not promoting yet another scam, this was a real, plausible business idea.  And an invitation to a free two day seminar was not just enticing but it was to me just out of this world!  What?  All that for free?  I never got anything for free before let alone a two day seminar packed with information and ideas.


 And it was on that faithful summer day that I was totally and utterly hooked!  The idea that you could create multiple streams of income on the Internet and have your sites running day and night collecting money for you even while you sleep, the fact that you could target a global market without even stepping outside your house, wowed me like nothing had done until then.


 And then came the irresistible torrents of information.  I was like a zealous child in a rubber dingy riding the waves!  People were complaining about being overwhelmed and bursting from information overload, but I was just quietly soaking up the information like a magic sponge. 


 Yes I got a pounding head ache at the end of that week- end.  Yes I had sleepless nights, that week end and for a long time afterwards and yes, it felt like I had come back to a false world on Monday morning after the week-end seminar, having to go to work.


But I didn’t complain of information overload, I just couldn’t get enough of it!  The head aches and sleepless nights were only because  I was  trying to process and organise all that information, finding a way to put them to practice.


 I went to many more seminars after that, Free ones as well as paid ones, bought many manuals, books, software programs, joined membership and mentoring programs…  it became a routine for me to get on my computer every night after work, spending time to learn and implement.


 Starting right at the beginning with small steps, sometimes painful and often very slow but always with enthusiasm and hope.


 Well, I have come a long way since then and you know what?  Looking back, I now believe that for the amount of information I have gathered and for the volume of knowledge I have gained, three years is not really that long and it has gone like a flash.


I believe I have been quite successful for success is not measured so much by the position that you reach in life as by the obstacles you have overcome.  And I have come through so many obstacles I could write a “war and peace” length book about them! And truth be told, I have reached the position in life that I wanted to reach as well.


Not only that, it has already started to pay off.   Not huge amounts, but enough to keep me interested and have me carry on knowing that if you can make a little, you can also make a lot.


They say the most difficult part of internet marketing is making your first dollar and I have made much much more than that.  So that bridge is crossed! 


I have managed to create some cool products that helped me build a list, and I am half way through creating another product to help the novice. (more on this later).


And, the best part, I am getting ready to retire this year.  Yes  Jack my J.O.B and be my own boss.  Work when I want, holiday where I want and do what I want.  That’s right it’s ME time.

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