No one knows how much time they have left to accomplish their dreams, but one thing is certain and that is that we don’t have forever.

The clock is ticking, and sooner or later your number comes up and you’ll be gone. I don’t view this as a “negative” aspect. I’m just being pragmatic here.

It would be good practice to use this principle of limited time to spur ourselves on.

I simply use this notion as an inspiration to keep me going. I go after what I want as heartily and avidly as I possibly can for as long as I can, in the knowledge that I would be rewarded for my hard work and perseverance.

It may be that I upset a few people along the way with my diligence, but hey, who said there were any rules when you are trying to achieve success!

I may not even get quite the outcome I am working towards but whatever happens, I know that the satisfaction I get from achieving little goals are reward enough to encourage me to keep going for more.

All this passionate pondering over the week end didn’t get me anywhere.  My computer is still playing up and rendering my software unusable.

But I devised a cunning plan and started recording on Friday night. Half hour into my first recording and my throat felt like I’ve swallowed a blade! Yep, this time my voice let me down!! did I say voice? what voice! I didn’t have one!

For heaven’s sakes I am trying to cash in on my most valuable asset; TIME, and everything is going against me. Is this a test of endurance and patience? Well whatever it is, it’s out to get me I’m sure.

Better stand down for a bit. Lay low for a couple of days and do some sole searching ha?

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