When buyers of a product read its web copy, they often form an impression of the entire business it represents. They base their opinion through the language of the web copywriting they come across.

Web copywriting has become a much required skill for anyone trying to do business online.


The alternative, for the beginner is almost unthinkable!  Because the cost of having a copy written by a professional is simply unaffordable for most.


But how much faith  people put on what they  read on the web?


A  copywriter may just present some facts in a believable manner but which may not be true. It’s not as if this hasn’t ever happened.

What do you do then?

Misleading information presented in the web copy harms the image of the organisation behind it. For in a very real sense, the web copywriting of that product represents not only the product but also its makers.


This is where, old-fashioned as it may seem, ethics comes in. Being a web copywriter imposes on you a certain power.  The power of the written word.


There can’t be a hard and fast rule to gauge ethics  so, many a time you’ll find people shying away from buying products online, even of those deluged by marketing hype. A web copywriter has to be more informative and logical. An ethical approach to web copywriting keeping in mind etiquette reverses the declining public confidence in marketing.


If  all you do is try to sell your product,  from paragraph one, your  copywriting material is counterproductive to your sales purpose.

Instead, when writing for the web, you must keep in mind the internet’s informative aspect. The copy isn’t just about giving a blow by blow summation of the product. You’ve got to stick to facts but also remember not to blandly launch sales pitches everywhere. Chances are that a too direct marketing approach may have the opposite effect. People are turned off when they find too much of persistence and want of finesse on the other end. A copywriter isn’t a salesman. Ethics as well as etiquette are the subtler qualities you need to reflect in your copy when writing for the web.


The moment the reader thinks you’re trying to snare him into buying something, you’re sending out negative vibes. You have to consider the structure of the internet and the fact that it is communication through the written word. If you have a polite style of writing and gradually introduce the product, it definitely reads better than launching headway into where to click and how much to pay.

If you want your copy to succeed, you’ll have to keep these principles in mind.  This is one of the things I cover in my copywriting supremacy video tutorial and I think it’s essential for all to take note


From personal experiences I can tell you that Ethics and etiquette in web copywriting and even web development promotes long term business success and profit. So, such marketing content doesn’t merely rely on words but on attitude, character and manners as well!

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Would you believe that you need only one thing to start a successful online business? You may be wondering how this statement could be true when there are so many things that go into starting up an online business.


Yes, you need many skills and many tools. You need to have quite a few qualities too not least determination, perseverance and the right mindset but without this one thing, it is impossible to do everything else.


The one thing that is necessary for success is the right kind of training. Without the skills needed to make your internet business successful, there is no chance of making it work.  As a successful Internet entrepreneur you need a unique set of skills at your disposal to make your business profitable.


Unfortunately, there are lots of internet business programs offered on the internet, and not all of it is good training. Many promise to make you a knowledgeable entrepreneur with the ability to make millions of dollars, but not all of them deliver on their promises. Let’s examine what type of training is effective in getting you started in an online business.


Simple, Basic Training

A brand new recruit is not placed in the battle field immediately after he joins the Armed Forces. He spends weeks learning the skill set he needs to be an effective soldier. Then, and only then is he placed on the battlefield to utilize the skills he has learned. The same holds true for online marketing training.


No one can start out on a venture and be successful without having the basic skill set needed. An effective online business start up begins with simple, basic training. Any method that tries to take you from A to Z and is skipping every letter in between is doomed for failure. Only step-by-step training works.


Survival Training

Even though most recruits will tell you their superior officers were very tough on them, they will also admit that they taught them to survive under adverse conditions. The internet is a marketing war zone. Those who survive and thrive have the right training to carry them through many years of building a successful online business.


Now that we’ve established that the right online business training is essential for success, you may have questions as to which online training is the right training for you. Yes, there are lots of scams to be avoided, but there are also some very good training programs, too. Look for the online business start up that will thoroughly teach you the basics.


All that said, I’ve been hard at work creating some simple step-by-step products.  The first one was launched in Februabery and did really well.  You can check out my Copywritingsupremacy video course and see for yourself.

Do you realize that there is ONE skill valued above all others when it comes to doing business on the internet that when used properly can help you  sell almost ANYTHING?

It’s the skill of persuasive and influential copywriting and it’s a skill ANYONE can master.

If you take a close look at super-successful people, you’ll find that almost every one of them is a master of persuasion and they produce powerful sales letters to sell their products or services.

Think about this… By tapping into the power of persuasive copywriting, you can influence almost anyone to buy your product.

And you can even make them believe they’re getting the better end of the deal and that it is exactly what they need to solve their problem or achieve a certain goal.

When you master the skill of copywriting, you can make more money from your product, service, seminar, whatever it is that you are trying to market on the internet.

And learning to be a master in persuasive copywriting not only isn’t that difficult, it doesn’t have to cost the earth like some courses out there either.

You can learn all the tricks of the trade in under an hour and become an Expert copywriter in a short space of time.  All it takes is a little practice.

I should know, because I did it.  The only difference is that I had to pay dearly to learn it but it paid off because my first sales letter, sold my product, the same product that a professional copywriter wrote a sales letter for and failed to sell.

There I was, not a professional copywriter, but I wrote a copy that made even me want to buy my own product! That was a couple of years ago now.

Then I realized that many newbies would benefit from what I know and decided to create a simple product that does not overwhelm newbies, something easy to follow and step-by-step so I created a video tutorial an  And the result was my Copywriting Supremacy.

It’s been on Click Bank for less than a couple of weeks and it’s attracting affiliates like flies to honey!

So go check out Copywriting Supremacy if you want to learn this skill – and you can also make good commission from it if you become an affiliate.

Well, it’s been a while again, since my last post, but I’ve been busy fine tuning my product and it is now listed on clickbank.  I was quite surprised that they took only an hour to approve my product, when they tell you it could take between three to five days!

Anyway, the product went on click bank less than a week ago and  it’s already been reviewed. Not that I am lazy but I leave you to read the review here first and I’ll talk about it some more in my next post.


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One of the things that makes the Internet so attractive is the fact that it allows you to find heaps of valuable and engaging information on practically any subject under the sun.


Of course, some website owners settle on simply duplicating articles from other sources, be it other websites, content farms, even uneditted private lable rights, just to pack their websites with content.


When this happens, they miss out on some great opportunities. It is true that content is king, but I think it’s only original content that is king not just any old baloney!


Here are just a couple of reasons why original content is not only imperative, but fundamental to the success of your web site or blog.


Original content can help make your website stand out from  crowed. There are gazillions of sites on the internet and if you want to be noticed, you need to be creative and offer something that’s not available anywhere else. It doesn’t have to be an original idea or concept, it just needs to be an original piece of writing.


Even if you are not actually coming up with a new or unique subject matter you can still make your content unique by using your own creative talent, instead of just duplicating some tiered old content that someone else has written.


When the content of your site is not a carbone copy of thousands of other sites, you have a much better chance of ranking higher on search engines.


Apart from making your site stand out a litle more, creating original content also makes it possible for you to use your own well researched keywords. This can also help  push your ranking up a few more nicks.


Cleverly placing good keywords that are part of common searches online in your content, will help improve your chances of showing up in the top ten results. Higher rankings mean more visitors and If the objective of your site is to market an idea, a service or a product, this is a very good thing because more visitors mean more sales.


If you are trying to build a list of prospects, more visitors can increase your chances of getting more sign ups to your list which in effect means more business openings for you.

Last but not least, composing original content makes it possible for you to trumpet what you have to offer, flaunt your ideas, style, concepts and opinions. You simply can’t do that if the content is borrowed from another source.


While it is true that coming up with original content can take a long time, requires more work and can be more arduous than simply cutting and pasting canned content onto your site, the benefits make up for the time you spend.

So my advice would be this: always go for fresh, original content.






Well, here we are, we are already four days in to the New Year and  it looks just the same as the old one!


We made the transition swiftly and with a big bang what with all the firework displays around the world.


The main point is that the world is still here! The sky didn’t fall down, the earth didn’t explode! And everything else seems to be in the same order. Or are they?


The simple answer is: it depends on how you look at things. It depends on you and your expectations.  It depends on what you decide to do and what plans you have for the rest of the year.


As for me, I have plans! I intend the make 2012 a year to remember.  Not because of the London Olympics, or the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but because this is going to be the most productive year. I have a full line of products and they are going on sale thanks to the help and support I am getting from my two new mentors.


My first product is almost ready for launch.  The videos are completed, the sales page is written, the domain is bought and added to my hosting account, all I’m waiting for is approval from Click Bank now.


Here’s the proof


Second product is nearly there, The videos are done, the bonuses are chosen, Domain is bought and added to hosting account and I’m in the process of writing the sales copy.


Two down, Six more to go.  These are still on the production line, Content is written, power points are finished, just need to do the videos and sales page.


So if we say one product every three months…..Wow! That means I’ve not only got this year sorted, 2013 is also taken care of! How is that for a yearly plan? 🙂

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Every year, round about this time, I begin to think that I am really lucky. Having dual nationality, I have two new years to look forward to.


One is almost upon us,  and the other, the Persian new  year, which will come in spring.  In a way, I get to enjoy the best of both.


But the major event in my calendar is the start of 2012. There are so many things I’m looking forward to and excited about in 2012.


Not only do  I have hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations, I have solid plans that I have been working on for a while now and real projects that are almost complete.  Well at least two of them are!


Knowing that I have one project  completed, another one more than half way through, and two further projects all lined up, fills me full of energy and enthusiasm.


My first launch will probably be in early 2012.  It’s the first of four products I’ve been working on so watch this space.


It has been my persistence and hard work  that enabled me to achieve certain goals and some success too but one thing I realized during my four years of Internet Marketing learning cure is that hard work will eventually pay off but you must take a breather now and then in order to be able to carry on working  otherwise you risk a total melt down!


Take the human heart for instance, it’s the most important part of our body and it works inexorably throughout our lives.  In an average lifetime, the heart beats over 2.5 billion times-38 million times a day without interruption. Amazing isn’t it?


The heart accomplishes this constant work  by taking frequent and regular rests.  We may not notice it but that’s what it does after every beat, it takes a short rest.


So I’ve taken a lesson from knowing this fact that for every day that I work hard, I take a little break and for every week that I work relentlessly, I have a little time-out. I sure bellieve this is the only way to achieve success.


But rest doesn’t mean doing nothing, it simply means doing something different, something that’s not classed as work, something that feeds the soul and relaxes the muscles.


I personally don’t believe in making new year resolutions but if you have to make one, let it be this; that you will work hard to achieve the success you deserve, but take time to nurture your finer qualities too.

Happy new year everyone!


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