At an Internet marketing seminar I attended recently, a question was put to one of the speakers “how can I market something that I am not an expert in”. The answer was the following:


“You don’t need to have a degree in a subject to be an expert in it. If you have experienced something, or if you know about a subject, that makes you an expert in that field”. He went on to give a simple example that if you know about good restaurants in an area of London for instance, then you are an expert in that! And people would ask you for recommendations.


Light bulbs!!

This really inspired me. I have been trying to find inspirations for some new products of my own for some time. Not that I am short of ideas and/or short of things to talk about, but I wanted to do something different, I wanted to create something that represents me as an individual with passion to teach, entertain and educate.

Someone with some bittersweet life experiences who is willing and not afraid to share.


It was then that I thought, why don’t I talk about those experiences and write them in a book? Or even do an audio CD?


Why don’t I share my experiences, research findings and things I have learnt and provide some kind of a course or lesson? 

Confucius said: “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First by reflection, which is noblest, Second by imitation which is easiest and third by experience, which is the bitterest”.

I have always been one to learn by my own experiences but I have also learned by reflection and by imitation.  For that reason I would say I could be an authority in what I share and teach.


Most people however, would want to learn the easy way and that’s why I think my products would appeal to most.

So I created three products.  All three are based on my experience of life and business. 


Talking about  becoming an entrepreneur, getting out of debt, and achieveing success.   


You’re really getting tired of the 9 to 5 “rat race” and are thinking about chucking it for your own business.   All your friends keep telling you that you could do for yourself just what you’re doing now for your boss. Why shouldn’t you profit from your ideas instead of him?


You keep thinking about it because you know that you’ll never be financially where you want to be with a weekly paycheck, but what business would you start?


Before you pack in that weekly paycheck, this is the time to evaluate yourself and your future and it takes some real, down to heart honesty.  You want to change your life for the better, so let’s start.


Did you know that you have the potential to do and be anything you want?  People have different perceptions of the ideal life, and it ranges from obtaining financial freedom to as simple as owning a new pair of sneakers.


Unfortunately, many fail to reach their aspirations because they can’t get a solid, clear picture in their mind of what they want.


My course on how to think like an entrepreneur and become one is to make you realize that it’s easier than you thought to set up your own small home business

Take a few days to listen and learn what I am talking about, it will help you embark on a fact-finding journey that will be a life-changing experience.


The most important thing to remember is to use the knowledge you gain about yourself and about starting a business that this course is designed to teach you.


Others may disagree with you, but you should be firm with what you really want.  Others may offer comments or advice, but the final decision is always yours to make.  You should concentrate on what you want, not what others want.


Remember you only get one shot at living your life.   There are no replays and you don’t get to do it over.




What would you give to set yourself free from the drudgery of every day work?  Wouldn’t you like to be your own boss? Set your own rules, have your own hours to work and enjoy your life?


Actually, you don’t have to give up anything.  You can start your own small internet business from home with very little money and fulfil all your dreams.  All you need is a little know how and a lot of determination.


Everyone wants to be successful in life don’t they? well at least I think so and those who don’t, well, they won’t be looking for any self help products.


I am only interested in people who are looking to improve their lives and who are looking for solutions and advice. People who would gladly listen to someone who is willing to share their own experience to show them that it can be done and how to do it.


And what about debt? especially these days with the global financial doom and gloom.


There are so many people now who are really struggling with their debts that I am sure they would welcome some good advice.


It is surprising that how many people just have no idea of how to put their finances in order and take control of their debts and therefore their lives.


And this is how my three new products were created. But hold on! many other people  have written about these things and made a name for themselves as experts in the field, why would people buy from me? a nobody.


Well, actually I am not a nobody.  I am a passionate individual with determination and drive.  I am a visionary with a plan and though I may not be rich and famous, yet, I am someone who has started on a journey to take control of my life and chase my dreams. 


And I am willing and able to share with others, my experiences and insights to help them get where they want to go.


I believe that makes my products unique, even though they may not be absolutely original. 


People would identify with me more that they would probably with big brand names and unapproachable famous writers who have reached their destinations in life and most probably by now forgotten what it was like when they first started.

I have not forgotten what is like, because I am still on the same journey, walking with confidence, towards my goals.


The only difference is that I now know where I am going and can walk a little faster.  I have an understanding of what obstacles may lie ahead and I am brave enough to go for it and tackle it. Whatever they may be.


And I can show you how to get there too.  So walk with me friend!


Check out my first product launched recently  click here


This is not just another wordpress blog.  This is a wordpress blog with a mission and the mission is to introduce to you valuable information and high quality resources to assist you in your quest to prosperity.

What makes me an authority in this subject you might ask.


Well,  I have been seeking knowledge for as long as I can remember and recently, have conducted extensive research into topics such as human empowerment, self improvement, health and longevity and everything to do with living a fulfilling, happy and Prosperous life.

Also, in my years, I have had many personal experiences that can be very educational indeed.   I would like to share with you these experiences, but I don’t want to just create a boring educational content here. 

I want it to be entertaining and fun as well because I believe this is the best way to teach.  You know how  children learn things through play?  Well this is going to be a bit like that because when you think about it we are all grown up kids really aren’t we?

I am going to make you laugh, I am going to make you cry, I am going to make you hate yourself, I am going to make you love yourself, but above all I am going to help you teach yourself. Because if you don’t want to learn, nobody can teach you.  You can be your own best teacher and your own best friend.










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