I may not be far wrong to suggest that there are mostly two types of people who use the Internet:

  •  There are those who just surf and brows
  •  There are those who search to buy
  •  There are those who sell and profit

 OK that was three!  But really there are only two types of people Among Those who trade on the internet

 Those who Can sell and become financially free


 Those who Can’t sell and struggle to make ends meet.

 Do you know what makes an internet entrepreneur Successful?

 What Do the Gurus Do to Become Gurus?

 How Do they achieve the level of income that allows them to have the lifestyle that we all dream about?

  • To be able to work when and where you want
  •  To be able to holiday where and when you want
  •  To be able to buy whatever your heart desires
  •  To be able to make Tons of money even while you sleep

 Have you ever pondered  what is the Secret Ingredient that Makes up the Recipe for Success?

Well let me tell you what it’s all about…

  •  It’s not about being a Genius
  •  It’s not about having a University Education
  •  It’s not Magic beans that grow into money trees!
  •  It’s not the golden goose that lays golden eggs!
  •  It’s not a money making factory!

It’s all about Knowing the Secrets of Effective Marketing

The Skill to Dominate the Market and Turn the Browsers in to Buyers

That’s how the gurus do it.

Even if they don’t have the skills themselves, they hire experts to do it for them.

If you intent to succeed in making money on line you need to do the same.

Whatever it is you are trying to sell on the internet, it’s an absolute must that you know how to write Words that Generate Sweeping Impact on Readers to Compel Them to Take their Wallets out and Buy.

Let’s go back to the question I asked earlier:

What Do the Gurus Do to Become Gurus?

They themselves will tell you that they are no different from ordinary people.

What makes them extraordinary is that they take action at the right time and they plan for success.

Most gurus have a rags to riches story to tell you.

Even the ones who don’t will still tell you that they started from ground zero and worked their way up.

They educate themselves and research their market.  They learn the skills and put together a wining team to help them on their quest.


Lets leave the gurus alone for a bit and talk about the average man and woman

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this but I’m going to tell you anyway!

These days almost everyone searches for whatever they want on the internet.

Whether they are looking for answers and solutions or looking to buy stuff, everyone looks it up on the internet.

Unless of course they are still curled up under an ancient rock!

In a nutshell, the internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life.

Except of course for those creatures under the rock!!

The sheer speed in which the internet has grown is proof enough.

You can now use the immense power of the world wide web and become successful internet marketer selling

anything from ebooks, to software to audio and video products, motivational seminars, health and fitness lessons……  The list is endless.

How do you succeed in making money on the internet?

  1.  You need a product
  2.  You need a website
  3.  You need traffic to your site
  4.  you need a sizzling hot copy.

Not necessarily in that order.  In fact if anything, I would say a strong copy is the most important part of the process.

Without a money-pulling sales letter to compel your visitors to buy from you, you are not in business.

You may have big plans and a fantastic product or service to offer, but if you don’t know the firs thing about marketing or writing a Sales Copy, you can kiss your business goodbye period.

Regardless of what you’re trying to sell, you really can’t sell it without “talking” with your prospective buyer.  And in attempting to sell anything on the Internet, the sales letter  is when and how you talk to your prospect.


All winning sales letters or copy as is the term in internet marketing “talk” to the prospect by creating an image in the mind of the reader.  They set “the scene” by appealing to a desire or need; and then they flow smoothly into the “visionary” part of the sales pitch by describing in detail how “wonderful” life will be and, how “good” the prospect is going to feel after he’s purchased your product.  This is the “body or guts” of a sales letter.


Overall, a winning sales letter or copy,  follows a time-tested and proven formula:

1)    Get thier attention 

2)    Get them interested in what you can do for them

3)      Make them desire the benefits of your product so badly their mouth begins to water

4)      Demand action from them – tell them to click the right button or send for whatever it is you’re selling without delay – any procrastination on their part might cause them to lose out. 


This is called the “AIDA” formula





 And  it works.


The sales letter should do one thing and that’s to sell, and sell well!  If you intend to close the sale, you’ve got to do it with your sales letter.  You should never be “wishy-washy” with your sales letter.


You do the actual selling and the closing of that sale through your copy – any brochure or circular you send your customers will just reinforce what you say in the sales letter.


There’s been a great deal of discussion in the past regarding just how long a copy should be.  A lot of people are asking:  Will people really take the time to read a long sales letter?  The answer is a simple and time-tested yes indeed!  Surveys and tests over the years emphatically prove that “longer sales letters” pull even better than the shorter ones, so don’t worry about the length of your sales letter – just make sure that it sells your product for you!


The “inside secret” is to make your sales letter so interesting, and “visionary” with the benefits you’re offering to the reader, that he can’t resist reading it all the way through.  You break up the “work” of reading by using short, punchy sentences, underlining important points you’re trying to make, with the use of subheadlines, indentations and even the use of a second color, and leaving lots of white space around it. 


On your website, the sales letter should run down the middle of the page so the viewer doesn’t have to keep adjusting the screen to see the whole sentence. This is very distracting and more apt to send that client to another website than losing patience reading a long letter.

 If you need a professionally written sales letter that converts your prospects from just browsers to buyers, fill in the form and let’s see if I can help you.

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We can all agree that in most jobs, the guy who uses his brain

makes more than the guy who actually does the work.


For example, in a retail store, managers make more than sales


 But who’s on their feet 8 hours straight waiting on customers?

 And who’s sitting in the back office with their feet up, browsing

supplier’s catalogs for the next batch of merchandise to order?

 This doesn’t mean the manager is any more Intelligent.   In fact, most of the time he’s not.

 He’s just more clever, in that he’s figured out how to make MORE by doing LESS.


Internet marketing is no different.


There are ways to make more… in fact, a LOT MORE, by doing LESS WORK.


That’s why most successful marketers put together a winning team of copywriters, web designers and SEO experts to help them become successful marketers without having to do all the work themselves.

 This is their way of working SMARTER not HARDER

 Because when you work HARD, odds are you’re not making much of anything.


But when you work SMART, it’s a whole different ball game.


If you’ve been struggling to make money on line and still only making a trickle of cash,

If you are working long hours without getting any results and if you’re starting to think you’ve been approaching Internet Marketing all wrong…


…you may be right.


 You need to change the way you’ve been doing things.  You need to get help. 

You need to move away from where you are now so you can go further.


Get your killer copy   now if you intend to succeed.

In my last post I talked about working smarter rather than harder.

I thought long and hard about my claims and dreamt up a scenario of questions and answers that may arise from my controversial statement. 

Here are some of the questions/comments, you may have and my replies to them:


Q. “What’s wrong with hard work? I’ve worked hard all my life!
Are you saying I’ve wasted my life?”


A. Wow, no, that’s not what I’m saying. Hard work is fine, if
it’s the only work you can get. But if you learn how to work
smart, instead of hard, you can make more money with less effort.


For example, if you had to move tons of rock, and you get paid a
dollar per pound moved, you could carry it by hand (that’s
working hard.)


Let’s say you can carry 20 pounds at a time, and it takes you 1

hour to make the trip. You’re making $20 an hour.


But what if you borrow a friend’s loader and a big truck? Now you
can haul several tons of rock AT ONE TIME.


And you’re getting paid $2,000 per ton! You’re doing less work, yet making far more money.

This is working smart, instead of hard.


(And if you’re really smart, you’ll hire someone to operate the
equipment for you, while you go play golf 😉


Q. “How do I know your techniques work?”

A. Really, you don’t until you give it a try.

Look at my sales page  I gurantee my work.


Q. “Buzz off, this is just another internet marketing hype.”


A. 🙂 I have to laugh at this one. Something about the “Buzz
off,” part…


Which brings us right back to how I can help you make your mark on the Internet, get yourself established as a successful marketer and sell your products like hot cakes.


That’s right, you need powerful copywriting.  You need words that create impact.

You need a killer copy to persuade  visitors to your site to take out their credit card and buy your stuff without hesitation


And Guess what!  If you can’t do that yourself, you can always get someone else to do it for you.  And that’s where I come in.


So why don’t you go and check out my site, fill in the form and see how we can do this together.

Here’s somthing new and refreshing. 

Instead of talking about myself, I want to concentrate on you for a change!


If you’re doing all the usual stuff online to make money,
(blogging, Adsense, article writing, etc) and you’re still close
to being broke, it’s not because you’re not working enough.


Actually, you’re probably working TOO much…
…at the wrong things.


Odds are you’re doing what you’re “supposed to do,” (ie… what
everyone TELLS you to do) instead of simply doing what WORKS.
Internet Marketing is about smart thinking, not about hard work.


Did you know that  the most important thing in your marketing is your sales letter?
Yes I know, you’ve told by everyone and their dog that you need a list, that “the money is in the list”.  Granted, having a list is very important.  If you don’t have a list of prospective customers, you are not in business.


You are also told that traffic is the most important part of making money on line.  True, traffic is also very important.  If no one visits your site, you’re not in business and you can’t sell anything.


But let me tell you that having a list does not necessarily make you money.  It’s no good having a huge list of broke nobodies who won’t buy anything.  It’s no use having a long list of free riders either, you know, people who want everything for free and they think they’re doing you a favour by taking from you!


What no one ever tells you is that you need a strong sales letter.  A sales copy that compels people to buy your product. 


Persuasive words that describe your product in such a way that leaves no doubt in the readers mind that they must have it now.  

Powerful words to induce acquisition.  😉


And you know, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea.  You need a bit of talent and you need to learn and master the skills.  There are many techniques and systems involved in the art of copywriting. 


Those in-the-know guard these modus operandi like precious treasure.


But One thing I can tell you is that I have acquired the skills of copywriting and I can help you here if you are having difficulties in writing a money-pulling copy for your product or service.


So,  you can either continue to struggle and settle for a small


 …or you can get a  real copywriter to help you make real income
without a ton of fuss or work on your part.

Check it out for yourself.




You probably don’t know this and why should you!  but I’ve been, for the last nine months, trained and coached by one of the most respected internet coaches on the other side of the pond, the one and only Frank Garon.


I don’t know what to call this internet marketing business, is it art, is it science, is it craft? whatever it is, Frank has been showing me the ins and outs. The pitfalls and the glories.  He has encouraged and inspired me, he has educated and trained me.


I learned everything from keyword search to traffic generation. But most of all I learned the importance of choosing a niche and creating a brand.
I struggled to create a brand. I bought product licenses, put together ebooks, published articles and blogged until the cows come home, but I was still craving to create my own brand, something I could honestly call ME or something that was my own.


One thing Frank always told me was that I was a good writer and story teller, he encouraged me to write, he awakened the writer in me again. I always loved writing, but I never shared my writing with anyone.

But being coached and mentored by Frank changed all that. I started writing again I even started writing a book.   

It’s an amazing thing, being encouraged and having someone believe in you! It brings out the YOU in you that you like!


Suddenly, my search for a niche was over!
Nine months of intense  studying, learning, nurturing, searching and paitiently seeking and enduring…


I found my niche!  my baby!


 To complete all my internet training and experience with my coach and mentor, I was hand picked by Nick James, who is one of Britain’s expert copywriters, to be trained as a professional copywriter at his copywriting academy.


At the end of a 4 day gruelling workshop, as if this was just the one last push I needed!


My baby was borne!


I feel I have accomplished my mission in finding my niche. I have confidence in my talent and now it’s time to begin reaping the relic!
I‘ve been trained by two experts from two continents now and they both believe in me.
I am Now a copywriter for definite. This is my business.


I can write words that have the power to make you laugh,
I can write words that have the power to make you cry.
I can write words that can sell your product or service,
I can write words that can sell YOU if you want to be sold!


And with my words


I can do and say whatever I want!
I can do and say whatever YOU want!
I can do and say whatever that can be done and said with words!

And I love doing this!


If you want to find out what copywriting really is, just pop your name and email address here to hear it from the horse’s mouth!

When I first heard the word “Copy”, at an internet marketing seminar some years ago, I had no idea what it meant.  I thought it meant literally copying something or photocopy!! 

Having an enquiring mind, I was compelled to ask the meaning of this word, even though I was a bit apprehensive.  “Would all these people here think I’m stupid for asking this silly question?”

But I comforted myself with the thought that

“well there’s no point in sitting here, wasting my time, when I don’t understand what the heck they are talking about ”

I also recited to myself that surely, the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked. 

So, I put my hand up and said ” excuse me if I seem dumb, but what on earth is  COPY?”

The speaker nodded his head and said “actually, that’s a very good question”.  Then he asked the people in the room, some 200 or so and said ” who else doesn’t know what “COPY” is “

I looked around and more than half the people had put their hands up!!

I was amazed!  All these people who have invested their precious time coming here to learn something, and they don’t even bother to ask questions when they don’t understand something.  Perhaps they all though they would look stupid if they asked!

I almost patted myself on the shoulder.  My Ego was talking to me now  “See? you are not dumb after all! There are actually no stupid or dumb questions and the thing is that people who ask questions are people who learn”.

And I certainly am one of those people who love to learn. 

I went on to learn  much more than just the meaning of Copy.  I learned the language of internet marketing.  All that jargon which I now use myself without reservations.

Then I studied and learned all the other things you need to learn about Internet Marketing. From keyword research to social media.

But most of all I learned about  copywriting and it’s vital role in marketing.

Copywriting has now become my thing! because I am passionate about writing and it was my childhood dream to become a famous writer. 

Well, many years have passed since I was a child and I have written a lot, but never actually published anything except on my blogs. 

I think becoming a copywriter is probably the closest I will ever get to being a famous writer!

And I tell you, critical as I am of my own work, I believe I do a fine job of writing copy. Not just fine but close enough to admirable.

Ok.  All this talk and I still haven’t even explained what copywriting is all about. 

But that’ll have to wait for my next post because I don’t want to make this post too long in case you get board with it!!



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