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The popularity of e-books has made it possible for just about anyone to have their written works published. Either for selling or just for the sheer thrill of seeing their output all printed out (electronically, that is), more and more people are creating e-books in a wide variety of topics.


There are many reasons behind the popularity of e-book publishing. The books can be used to generate publicity for a business or website. Giving out free e-books is a very effective way of spreading information and a very fast way to garner publicity. A well-written e-book about a very popular subject can interest people in your business or website. Another reason is profit. E-books have become an acceptable medium even among established literary names. Best-selling authors such as Stephen King have already joined on the e-book bandwagon and came out with electronic versions of their works.


To get to know how to publish an ebook, you can turn to the abundant sources of the internet. There are many guides available to get you started on electronic book publishing. These guides will give you these basic steps in self-publishing:


  • Know what you want to write about. There is nothing more difficult than writing about something you know nothing about or have no interest in. you should choose a topic that you have an interest in and a solid expertise on. This will make you look more credible among your readers. If you are promoting a business or website, then your topic should definitely be something related to that.


  • Write effectively. A good subject is worth nothing if you do not know how to write about it. Your skills should be enough to justify the niche that you are writing about. Learn how to write in such a way that you will be able to entice customers to buy your product, avail of your service or check out you website. If you are not that confident of your writing skills, you can hire someone to co-write or ghost-write it for you.


  • Choose a format for conversion. There are several formats available for converting e-books. The most popular format today is PDF. PDF converters can be easily downloaded and it will only take you minutes to convert your file. PDF files can be read by all platforms, from Windows to Mac to hand-held devices such as PDAs.


If you have a bigger file, you can try  other converters such as Book Generator.


You can improve the selling potential of your e-book by creating a picture of it for buyers to see. A 3D image will make your book more attractive to customers.


Serious book readers prefer to have an image of the book in mind to get them interested in reading it. A good representation of your product will make it more tangible in their minds. It makes them feel that they will get their money’s worth in buying the book. It is very easy to create 3D images by using popular software such as Photoshop.

I’ve been going on and on about the importance of copywriting  but like I’ve said before, I haven’t even scratched the surface.

If writing is an art, then copywriting is a combination of Fine Art and Science! 

You don’t need to be a fantastic writer, you don’t need to be perfect in grammar you just need to be a creative writer.

In fact copywriting has little to do with language rules.   Of course it helps to be able to write in the first place but copywriting is more to do with psychoanalysis and virtual brain surgery!

You think I’m joking?  I’m not!  It’s true, because when writing a copy, you are influencing your reader’s mind.  You are getting into their heads and almost surgically implanting the desire to buy. Nough said?  Well, may be for now.  But listen to what Nick James has to say too:

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Viral marketing is simply getting others to spread the word about your products.  It is easy and in most cases free to do when you do this online. 

There are ways that you can pay for viral marketing as well, such as newspaper advertising or leafle distribution or giving away free gifts but viral marketing online is a snap and the various websites and networks make this type of marketing so easy that anyone can learn about it. 

 Viral marketing is essential if you are going to market your product online.  You can use viral marketing to market any product or service online without it costing you any money.  You just have to know what to do and how to do it. 

 Here are some tips on how to use viral marketing to work for you:


Use social networks

 Social networks such as Face book are very useful when it comes to viral marketing.  These social networks can be used in a many different ways.  Once you are established at a social network, you can lead people to your sales page.  You can also post links to your own website on a social networking page and use the forums. 

 Use social bookmarking

 Social bookmarking sites are one way that you can get the word out about your website for free. Sites such as Digg are community sites where people not only read the articles or website materials that you post, but also vote on them. The more votes you get, the more you rise in the social bookmarking site. 

 Using video

 You should use YouTube as a way to communicate just about anything, including your marketing idea.  YouTube is free and is a very effective form of social marketing as it is also a community as well as a website that allows you to post free videos.  All you need is a simple camcorder and access to the internet and you can create your own commercial.  All for free. 

Using e-mail marketing

 You can use e-mail marketing to spread the word about a product or an idea.  Promise free tips or give something free for people who spread the word.  For example, you can send out five e-mails to friends or relatives with a link to your site and tell them that you will send them a free tip on something if they send it to five friends as well.  This can really spread the word and you can send out a free tip to them.  You would of course need to use an autoresponder for this purpose and a really cheap one I would recommend is  Aweber

So far I have been talking at length about sales copy and how important it is in making your internet business a success. 


Still, I can confess, I haven’t even scratch the surface yet in explaining the importance of copywriting.


However, there are some other factors one needs to be aware of when conducting business on line and traffic is right there at the top as equally important as the copy.  The reason is obvious.  If you don’t have traffic, no one can see your sales page and no one will know about your product so there will be no sale.


So if you have something that you want to sell online,  If you are interested in how you can market your product or service online without it costing you any money, here is a free tip:


Use Digg


Digg is a social bookmarking site.  It allows you to post your website address or article that has been posted on another site and draw attention to yourself.  The only thing that you need for Digg is an e-mail account.   You can post a website address with a title like “Think Yourself Thin” and you will get people who will click onto that link, which will take them to your sales page.  It is a good way to use free online marketing. 


Social bookmarking is one aspect of viral marketing.  When you read “21 tips to viral marketing success,” you will be inspired by many more ideas that teach you how to use viral marketing to work for your.  In addition to social bookmarking, you will read about many more ideas that can teach you how to get others to help you sell your product, service or idea. 


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There are many steps to writing a copmelling copy but here’s just 7 steps and rather than list them here, I’d like you to hear it from the horses mouth. 

Watch the video where Nick James, one of the most successful copywriters in the UK spills the beans:

Like everything else, it’s easy when you know how!
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What do you want from your business on line? How important is it and why do you need to make it a success? Is it because you want financial security? Because you want freedom? The ability to do whatever you want whenever you want without having to ask anyone?


Perhaps you want the lifestyle of your dreams, the security and comfort that running a successful business provides, or perhaps you just want a bit of extra income to treat yourself and your family.


No matter what the reason, your business is important. But do you know what is the most important thing in your business?


Well I tell you. The most important thing in your business is your PROFITS. Pure profits, pure and simple! Nothing else is really that important is it? So how do you focus on this most important matter?


Of course you need targeted traffic because without it no one can see your offer and if no one sees your offer you don’t sell anything and if you don’t sell anything you’re not in business so you can’t make any profits.


Having a quality product is also important if you really want your business to be successful and on going. You can only run a successful business if you sell products that people want and can use.


But the most important asset in your business is a highly persuasive, cash – pulling copy – because without that, you will not make a penny. The success of your business and the rate of your profits depends completely on the effectiveness of your sales copy.


A high-powered sales copy can mean make or break for your business. It talks to your prospects with hypnotic power, gets inside their mind and programs them to buy whatever it is you’re selling.


You need a gripping sales copy that will force your visitors to read on and on.


A sales copy so persuasive and convincing that your visitors have no choice but to rush for their wallets and buy your product.


You need a copy to virtually force your visitors into a mad rush for the order button to get hold of your product instantly.


That’s how you can make your business work and that’s what a profitable business needs.


So, the conclusion?


You can spend hour after hour, staring at a blank screen trying to write your own copy


You can spend hundreds or thousands on copywriting courses and books to learn the skill.


Or you can save yourself a lot of time and a lot of pain and hire a copywriter to do it for you.


I know what my choice would be!

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