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When you have an online business you do not have the plus side of selling your product in person. All you have is written words therefore your words are very important; they make or break the sale.

Writing up a compelling sales letter means that you need to get into the minds of your readers and influence their decision. You should know who your customer base is, what age group, gender, etc.

Some sales letters are more than twenty pages long, but still keep the readers attention the entire time. The sales letter needs to fully describe the problem the customer may be having and why your product is the only solution.

Your sales letter should earn your readers trust and explain why your product is absolutely the best. You should also describe your product in detail so that the reader understands completely what is being sold. Some people add a claim that includes a number. For instance, you may want to mention how much money someone made after reading your book that gives away all the secrets to making millions.

The sales letter should make the reader feel that there is a sense of urgency, that they must take action and purchase the product now. There may be a few slots remaining for the service or just so many eBooks left to sell, or there may be a certain time where the product will not be for sale anymore. Testimonials from excited customers whose lives have been changed will also be a great help. Bonuses also entice the customer to purchase your product. I have bought products that I didn’t even need purely because I wanted the bonuses!

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Remember two posts ago I was having problem with my recording and I said I was going to call the tech guys because whatever I did, didn’t cure the problem? Well read on….

I woke up with great hopes that I can sort out my recording problem and get on with the job.

It’s amazing how much hope and trust we put on the tech guys! It’s like they can perform miracles and solve any problem pronto!

Not so. I think we fail to recognize that they are only human after all and they are not by any means infallible. A lot of the times, they are not really as well trained as we think.

So anyway, having called the tech guys, I explained what my problem was, I mentioned that I had this thing called “echo canceller” which has now disappeared and I believe that is what’s causing the problem.

“Echo Canceller?” he asked, Yes, you know I had a little dialog opening on top of my mic icon in the task bar, saying “echo canceller is on”. Apparently, he had never heard of such a thing.

And he went on to tell me that if I have things disappearing from my computer, then I must have a virus and when I said I have virus protection he told me that virus protections are not that dependable. So what’s the point of having virus protection then?

Then he suggested that I should reload the factory settings on my laptop. What? These guys don’t seem to understand that after you’ve been using your computer for over a year and having installed hundreds of programs and software on it, reinstalling the factory setting is not an option unless that is the very last resort, following a real virus attack.

Then he tried to convince me that my recording software was corrupt!

So after forty minutes of useless conversation, he wasn’t able to help. Is this a real hell tech or what!

Before calling the tech guys, At that time I still had my echo canceller but it didn’t seem to be working, I searched on goggle for answers. I was directed to a site to get a free echo canceller.

But before you download anything they wanted to scan your computer, so I let them and they came up with some results showing out of date drivers and of course then they took me to the payment page. What! It said free download. Well it wasn’t free, I suppose only the scan was free and it had nothing to do with echo canceller anyway. Then the echo canceller disappeared alltogether. They must have somehow overwritten it with something else and I even lost something else that’s called “sndvol32.exe” which allows you to display your volume control in the taskbar.

I won’t go into details of how I finally managed to recover this file. But I was so frustrated by this time that I didn’t even want these scanning software on my computer especially because every five second it was telling me to download the drivers. So I uninstalled it.

Anyway I after I finished the call with the tech guys, I thought. “what if I just download the sound drivers?” these were all free from the manufacturer’s support site. Then I downloaded an acoustic canceller which I realised afterwards it’s not really much help in recording . I also downloaded a mic driver too.

Took me a while to download, install and run all these new programs and the result? Well, I still don’t have an echo canceller, but at least I can now record. However, the new recording sounds completely different from everything I’ve recorded until now and since I was in the middle of one of the muddles when the work came to a halt, it means that I have to do this muddles again from start.

Oh well, at least I can now get some work done! And I don’t think I need to be so much of a perfectionist either. I’ve heard recordings sounding much worse than mine and they were done by top professionals who make six figure income!

The Internet Marketing course I’ve been working on and talking about at length here includes a module on blogging power.  A short article on blog traffic was also  a brain child of this mudue   and it was  featured on EzineArticles.  You can read it here too.

As Featured On EzineArticles

Driving traffic to a blog is similar to driving traffic to a website. You need to have keywords that capture the attention of the search engines. You need to link your blog to the sites that are going to drive the most traffic to your site. You have to constantly look for new ways to drive traffic to your blog.

We are going to discuss a few characteristics of blogs, and how to get blogs. Most blogs are hosted on one of the free blog sites, or you can buy a domain and set up WordPress.

If you are serious about making money through blogging, I suggest setting up your own domain where you can control every aspect of your blog. If you decide to set up a free blog, your best bet is to go with This site is owned by Google and tends to get indexed quickly.

You want to start writing on your blog regularly. I do not recommend posting to your blog everyday, but you should be posting at least once a week. This will keep it fresh, and Google will recognize that your site has fresh and relevant content.

You can promote your blog through article marketing. I would write articles that are relevant to the contents of your blog, and then link your articles to your blog. This will help you start generating traffic to your site.

You can also promote your blog by posting regularly to forums. When posting to forums, you do not want to sound like you are promoting yourself. I would just post to specific forums regularly to get more people to check out your blog. In the forums, you can update your signature to promote your blog with each post.

Make sure you don’t promote yourself too much in your forums. You don’t want to come across as someone who just wants to sell you information. You want to promote yourself as someone who can help others and is a valuable resource for information.

You could write a whole book about blog traffic, as there are hundreds of ways to get traffic to your blog but these are just some of the ways to get blog traffic.

Need more tips on traffic generation? click here

Today is the first day of the Persian New Year.  It’s an ancient tradition to celebrate the coming of the spring.  Indeed the weather was very spring like here in London too.  I brought my potted Hyacinth in from the balcony last night and this morning I could smell it throughout the flat.
The sweet smell of Hyacinth, the glorious sunshine and the mild weather, made me feel exceptionally light-hearted and cheerful from the time I wok up this morning.
I wasn’t going to do any work today but my addiction compelled me to turn on my computer to check my email and then I absent-mindedly started to do some recording.
For some strange reason my audio echo canceller had disappeared from my computer and I wasn’t able to record anything.   I ran a diagnostic on everything. 

The hardware was fine, the software was functioning but anything I recorded sounded like I was speaking form the  bottom of a well.  All I could here was the echoes!
All my attempts to solve the problem failed miserably but I wasn’t going to allow this letdown wreck my good spirits so by 4 in the afternoon I packed it in and went for a long walk.  This is the first time I have gone out unescorted after my knee operation.  So at least that was a small victory I suppose!
Any excuse to stay positive!  Still  this may be a little  drop in the ocean but then again wasn’t it the little drops that made the ocean in the first place ?

Tomorrow I will have to call someone and get help.  I’m running out of free trial of my recording software and I need to get this done.  I was planning to buy the software anyway but I set a goal for myself to finish the recording during the trial period and I want to do everything humanly possible to achieve that goal.  If that doesn’t happen then I’ll have to move the goalposts! 🙂

One of the lessons I teach in  my Internet Marketing course, I am still in the process of completing, is on competition.  In this lesson I recommend that you join your competitor’s mailing list so you can find out how they conduct their business and that’s a good way of learning from them, spotting their weaknesses and making them your strength.


This isn’t just something I preach, I  have been doing this myself for some time now.  As with many of the advice I give  in the course, I speak from personal experience.


But there is a downside to subscribing to many mailing lists.  You get shed loads of emails on daily basis.  Yeah, shed loads is actually an understatement!


Since I am on every one’s list, I get so many  email every day that keeping my mail box under control is almost a full time job!  last week when I went for my knee operation, I didn’t check my mail for about a day and a half.  

Do you want to know how many emails I had in my inbox when I checked?

Eight hundred and twenty five!!!


That’s a lot of emails in one and a half days don’t you think?  So the best way I know  to manage my emails is to put them in folders.

Apart from the deafault folders such as  inbox, junk, deleted and sent folders I have eighty three folders  that I have created for my mail.  If I don’t have time to read an email on the spot, what I normally do is to  move it to a folder and then read it when I do have the  time. 


Also some of the messages are too good to delete so I usually create a new folder and keep them there for future reference. 


But even though I am reasonably organised with my email management, I still think I should one day go in there and do a proper clean up.  I think I will do this soon as a spring cleaning project.  Do some serious deleting  and unsubscribing  because some of the lists I am subscribed to really get on my nerves these days.


I’d say one email a day from one list would be enough, but some of them send out messages every fifteen minutes!  That’s taking the piss!   Good job deleting only requires pushing one button!

I received some comments about this blog yesterday.  They were not left in the comments box on the blog, but emailed to me in  response to a business correspondence.


I thought they were unfair, untrue, irrelevant and rather brash.  Now those who know me know that I always welcome constructive criticism but I though this was a little malicious. 


And the fact that he went on to say “I hope my feedback helps you progress” was a little patronising.


First of all I didn’t ask for his feedback, secondly my blog didn’t have anything to do with what we were going to work on.  It just so happens that I have the blog address as my email signature and he clicked on it. 


Here are the exact words he wrote copied and pasted from the email:

  – the style does not read well

– there are quite a few syntax errors

– there is very little value from a business perspective


Ok.  Let me address each point.  The first one is about style, well this is a little cryptic to me.  What does he mean by style?  Is it the wordpress theme I am using? The colour scheme, the font or the style of writing?  In most cases, it’s a matter of opinion. 


I’ve actually been complemented on my choice of word press theme and the colour scheme. If it’s the fonts well,  its word press for God’s sakes, whatever font I choose it doesn’t make any difference, it just goes to whatever font is the default. 


If it’s the style of writing, again it’s a matter of opinion.  If you don’t like it, that’s fine with me, I didn’t invite you to read my posts anyway! 

Furthermore, the style I use to post on my blog does not  symbolize my writing skills and isn’t the same  style I would use when writing a business letter or a serious article.   


Blogs are personal logs and not business letters – just in case you didn’t know! 


But as for having syntax errors!  Eeerm! Da!  Not only it’s not true, but also what if it was?  This is a blog not a Thesis in literature!


And as for not offering much value from a business perspective! What is that? Another cryptic pompous comment that not only doesn’t apply here, it doesn’t even make sense.  Again, this is a blog. Not a corporate website.  


So I concluded I didn’t want to work with him anyway, Not if he thinks he has to give me English lessons!


And does he know that you should always start paragraph sentences with capital letters?


Oh well.  It’s his loss really not mine. I decided I didn’t really want to write for him especially once I found out what the subject matter was for his articles and the fact that he actually wanted them written in someone else’s style!


What you think I will sacrifice my identity to make a few pounds? 


That’s not my style! I challenge anyone who tries to belittle me with arrogant comments about my writing. Even in my humble appreciation of constructive criticism and though I am always critical of my own work,  I still think there’s not much wrong with my writing.


 I’m busy creating my own product anyway.

It’s been  a week since my last post and I was beginning to regret ever starting to blog about this new project.


Not that I want to kid myself or anyone, but I think I started to talk about it too early.  Of course I didn’t know there were going to be so many snags on the way.  I couldn’t have possibly known that my work was going to be utterly plagued by all sorts of things from technical problems to health problems to lack of time (Yeah, still have my 9to 5 right!) all  pushing me a couple of steps back every time I took a step ahead!


And you know me, I had to defuse all my frustration somehow so you’ve been getting a glimpse of my explosive version, sort of!  But what I’ve been talking about in my posts, are just the tip of the iceberg!  I didn’t really tell you about everything that’s been going on and I don’t think I should!! 


But what the heck!  I can’t keep it to myself any longer.  So here we go……


OK.  Apart from the fact that my computer is on a mission to break me, All my software, especially my MS word disappeared from my hard drive and you think I could find the CD to install it again?  My whole house got into a total mess because I was just tearing everything up and out looking for the CD.

Finally I concluded that I had lent it to someone and never got it back but you think I could remember who?  Whoever it was they should consider themselves lucky.  If I got hold of them, they would have wished they didn’t know me at all!!

I just wanted to get on with the work.  I’d already done all the paper work.  The power point presentations and the publications were all ready.  The idea was to read out the publication and record the voice over a video of the power point presentations- simplest way of producing a basic video.


I had video and audio recording software which I bought some time ago. So in my inexperience, I started doing the voice recording first, thinking that I can then patch the audio and video together.  Yeah right!


I had done three of the voice recordings which weren’t without their own dedicated hick ups and I’ve already told you about all the problems I had with that in my previous posts, so no more of that here.


Then I though, Hold on a minute, let me try and see if this actually works. You think this was an easy task? Oh how I tried and tried!  I simply didn’t have the right equipment to do this.


Then I had to buy a video editing software so that I can produce my video tutorials, what a waste of money that was, because it just wasn’t capable of doing what I wanted to do.

Iworked really hard and finally did manage to marry the audio and video, but it was a doomed marriage because the voice was going one way and the video was going another, they were totally out of sync!  I wrote about that too.


By now nearly three weeks had past and I was still on the first page! So, what’s the next move? Give up?   Not on your life!


Finally I found a solution and I talked about that too in Eureka! BUT………I had to start again from scratch which I was OK with and I did the first video in no time at all.  I was excited!  We’re back in business.  Yeah? 


So what else can go wrong?  Well, I had to go for in to hospital for knee surgery.  Ouch! 

Well, that’s done now.  I went in on Wednesday morning and came home on crutches in the evening.  On Wednesday evening, I recorded two videos. My voice was a bit weird, I suppose because of the sore throat I had from the anaesthetic, but they will do I think.


So how is that for determination?  No one can say I lack motivation, No one can tell me I am a quitter. 


I’m only saying if I knew there were going to be so many obstacles on my way, I would have delayed talking about this project for a bit. 


Because it may seem to some people that I am dragging my heels when I’m not.

I’m managing, which means I am in charge and I’ll eventually take control despite the bumpy ride.  No one said it was easy.  It’s lateral thinking that will ultimately lead to success.

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