When it comes to internet marketing there are two ways to make money: The fast way and the slow way.

The fast way entails finding a product or service that you believe will be popular (from a reputable source, of course), and then buying as many online adverts from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Sponsored Tweets, banner ads, Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Action and other paid methods that you can afford.

Buying your way to the top of the Google search engine is still the most reliable way to arrive at this most coveted spot. Soon, your website will be flooded with highly motivated buyers and your products will be flying out the door, or at least over your internet connection. And hopefully, the money you spent on marketing is less than the revenue you received from your sales!

The slow way is the route most people like me take. That’s because we don’t have deep pockets and can’t afford the steep ad rates charged by the top internet advert platforms nowadays.

The slow way also requires finding great products, but  promoting them through Search Engine Optimization, article writing, link building, blogging, email marketing, and other low-cost or no-cost advertising methods. While these techniques may be slower to show results, because your investment is very low (or nothing), your profit margin is much higher.

Plus, believe it or not, the big search engines like Google and Bing give more value to websites that are organically marketed, rather than rely on commercially-driven traffic. So the longevity of your site is much better compared to a paid-traffic site, which tends to dry up the moment you turn off the advert spigot.

So my recommendation is that you learn all of the ways by investing in good and reliable training that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. My book “Baby Steps To Seasoned Strides” is an example of a low cost complete course you can try.


In order to create an Internet marketing strategy which is both effective and efficient it is imperative to utilize a set of processes or systems. Not only does this make organization easier but it also allows you to test, tweak, and optimize each system. Regardless of what type of Internet marketing you prefer, there are three processes which must be designed and implemented in order to save time and make more money.

A Quick Overview of What a Process Is

In its simplest form, a process or system is a consistent, routine sequence of actions which produce consistent results. Most people do not have a solid understanding of what a system is; the problem is actually developing one which provides the results you crave. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to create and optimize each process.

Process for Content Management

A content management process includes all of the tasks or actions which must be taken to generate and publish online content. This includes everything from creating ideas and turning them into specific topics to scheduling, formatting, and publishing it. The first step of creating a content management process is identifying a way to come up with ideas. There are a variety of free online tools which allow you to easily save clips or notes and organize them. Using these tools, you can quickly generate a monthly or weekly editorial calendar based upon the notes you have already taken. Once you’ve built your editorial calendar, you can begin to build out your content. Once you have treated your content, you can schedule it to post automatically depending upon what type of content management system you use.

Process for Social Media

Social media may be the most difficult area to develop a systematic approach to because each platform is uniquely different. While automation can save a lot of time, it cannot be relied upon entirely. When developing a process for social media, you need to find a way to combine automation along with manual engagement activities. The automation site is much easier to develop a system for. Similar to content management, you simply need to establish a process to gather ideas and generate a months’ worth of content. Then upload it to your automation tool and schedule it so that it publishes automatically. While more difficult, it is essential to also create a daily manual system of social media engagement. This doesn’t necessarily require a lot of time, but you should dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to engaging with your audience directly.

Process for E-Mail Management

The final process you need to develop is tied to e-mail management or whatever other process you used to gather leads and connect with potential customers. Some online businesses prefer developing monthly or weekly newsletters while others take a more aggressive approach such as sending daily E-courses. When developing an effective process for e-mail management is important to determine how often you will publish content, is the optimal time to send it to your list, the type of content you want to share, and how you want to mix different types of content within each e-mail.

Setting up your first process or system doesn’t need to be a time-consuming task. Simply keep track of what you are already doing for about a week. Then go back and identify which tasks are most important in what order things need to be accomplished in. Over time, you will gain enough experience to tweak and optimize each process for maximum results.

It’s technology that brings new things into one’s life. Every individual is eager to use a new product or service which could improve their lifestyle or better their future prospects. Web stores are resorting to aggressive internet marketing in order to make their product visible and usable.

One of the best ways to reach the buyers is to use SEO.

It is one such technique where web store’s product is promoted with the help of content. The content contains in-depth information about the product or service. It also highlights the advantages or benefits accruing to an individual, once bought. Under this kind of internet marketing, professional and diligent persons are recruited to work on content writing. The content is expected to contain keywords and back links too. The keyword is the main source of SEO’s revenue generation. If suitable words are used in the content, someone interested in the product would reach the website within seconds. In fact, the best application of words always allows the acceptance of content on the top of search engine.

SEO is designed to make net enthusiasts reach the desired destination without loss of time. It is also significant to use back links which allows the reader to click the link and reach the destined website. These links need to be appropriately placed all over the article or content so that they get crawled up to the top easily. SEO has received open and rapid publicity leading to link popularity. The more someone browses the page, the traffic gets generated and product becomes a hit on web.

Apart from this effectual internet marketing, there are plenty of other marketing techniques which can make a product visible. A number of social networking websites are scattered all over the net to allow publicity of the product. It is free advertisement of the product as word of mouth spreads everywhere. Social media marketing makes use of videos, messages, online games, puzzles and of course, comments which are shared among all the viewers.

Apart from content for SEO, it is also vital to take into consideration graphic design for the websites. The websites need attention. This attention is generated only when attraction is created. The attraction is created using graphic designs which boost the creativity and innovation of the developers. New and latest technology supported software are brought in to make website appealing and beautiful. It is not only important to keep websites maintained with different inputs of information but monotony of colors needs to be changed to keep the site attractive.

Web marketing is one of the best and most required techniques which can boost the sales of any website. Today, people prefer to do online shopping rather than offline shopping. At the same time, competition has increased on a massive scale. If it is necessary to remain in business, it is very essential to adopt reliable online marketing techniques like SEO which can work as revenue generation sources.

When searching for ideas online to start a home business of your own you are going to find that you have many different home business opportunities to choose from.

As running a home business takes commitment and work, it is important that you choose a niche that interests you. This will make it much easier for you to dedicate the time and work required on a regular, consistent basis to build a profitable business.

It will not be easy to be totally committed and dedicated to a business when you have little interest in it. It is important that you enjoy what you do when you run your own business. Starting a business based on a passion or hobby makes it very easy to put in the work required as you will be enjoying what you do.

If you are starting a home business online while still having a full-time job, it is critical that you have a real interest in it as you will need to put in the work most probably in the evenings and over the weekends. This will mean you are going to have to make some sacrifices, such as giving up some of your TV viewing time or whatever it is you normally do.

Also if you have an interest in a niche, it is very likely that you have quite a bit of knowledge about it too. This will save you a lot of time and eliminate the need to do a lot of research on the topic. This knowledge will stand you in good stead and you will be able to benefit greatly from it.

By sharing your knowledge with others you will attract visitors to your website. There are many ways you can do this, here are a few examples:

– adding unique and interesting content to your website or blog on a consistent basis;
– sharing your knowledge in forums related to your niche;
– writing and publishing press releases;
– interacting with like-minded people on the social networking sites;
– writing and publishing articles;
– writing and publishing an email newsletter to build your list.

When you have decided what niche you would like to be involved in, then search online for opportunities in that niche and this will make it much easier for you to choose the right home business opportunity for you.

By selecting carefully from the home business opportunities available, you will find it is much easier and more enjoyable to build a successful business online from home.

2012 has had its generous share of major horrific events all around the world;  Social and Political turmoil in the Middle East and Africa, financial melt down in Europe, mega storms and freak shootings  in the United States, not to mention the celestial events like solar eclipses and  meteor showers.

Despite all the chaos on earth and the Mayan predictions about an apocalypse happening on 12/21/12 we have once again risen like the phoenix and are about to celebrate yet another year.

In spite of all the doom and gloom, 2012 was also a great year for celebrations and achievements  too not just because of our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which made us the focal point for all eyes, all over the world, not even because of the London Olympics which enthralled us all for weeks and made us realize what success is made of  but also because I actually got to have a little taste of success for myself.

The year started well, continued to be fantastic  and ended up as an award winning year for me, personally.

I launched  my copywriting video tutorial in February 2012, which turned out to be an amazing success, sold like hot cakes.

I then went on to create and launch two more video products, one on list building and one on Niche Marketing in the first half of the year with spectacular results.

In the second half of the year, I wrote and published my first book, “Baby Steps To Seasoned Strides” created my own brand and completed my second book, ready to be published.

Now I have a decision to make: Do I publish the second book now? Just before the year ends or do I save it as the first thing I do in the New year? Decisions decisions!

It was not the fact that I achieved most of my own goals in 2012, but the fact that I realized that it was possible to accomplish whatever I set my mind on, if I stay determined and work hard at it.

The realization that success is a product of industry was confirmed when I found out about some of the Olympic gold medalists’ stories.

How easy they made it look but how much hard work and effort they had put in, to get to where they got.

2012 may be coming to an end, but for me it was a year to remember. Not only did I achieve all the goals I set for myself, I also got my golden award when I published my book.

Oh, wait, it was a glass award!  And here’s a picture to prove it!

And here I am receiving it at the Ultimate Author Boot camp in December:

It has been a happy, productive, successful and memorable year for me.  I know 2013 will be even better, happier and more productive.

So Here’s to a Happier New Year for all of you.




I am sure that most of you at one time or another has probably heard that old phrase “practice makes perfect” and it truly does apply to the subject of writing page content. I will provide you with some very practical writing tips to follow, and they will help teach you that patience’s and discipline is needed to become a good writer.

– Writing Tips and Tricks For Writers –

To engage your writing creativity, inspiration is needed and plays the crucial role.
1. You should always avoid writing if you are in a hurry or tired.
2. Taking small breaks will help to maintain your creativity level and mood.
3. You can reduce stress levels up to as much as 30% by looking at material that contains the colors of blue and green.
4. If you like to change your present mood, then you should look at some bright and bold colors for five to ten minutes.

What is an article outline and why is it important?
* An outline is like a blueprint which contains instructions to follow to write your article. Using an outline will take you step by step through the entire process and help maintain your train of thought. It also acts as a writer assist to remember ideas, focus on ideas, and to rearrange ideas in the best logical order.

The three essential elements of an outline:
1. Topic sentence
2. Body content
3. Conclusion

Search Engine Optimization Content:
You should always consider including a few targeted keywords in the body text of your article. Make sure that your main focus is writing for humans and then for search engines. This is a must, if you want to generate web traffic.

Make sure that you use readable fonts and non squinting color contrasts with your content. Having great page content won’t matter to your readers if your color contrast doesn’t compliment it, and the result could be that you will end up losing visitors.

* You should always use your word processor to check for common grammar and spelling errors. This is the first step in proofreading, and never rely totally on your word processor as your one and only means of proofreading.
* The next step is to create a hard copy to proofread and check for things such as, spelling, grammar and punctuation!
* Proofreading your own work can be extremely difficult and sometimes having a friend or colleague is more of an effective manner to find those typos.

First Draft:
It is best that you let your first draft sit for a day and then review it again. Never post your 1st draft immediately, you’ll be shocked to find out what you thought was the perfect article, is actually absolutely terrible !

It is very important that every writer has an outline to follow. Using one on a regularly basis will help to discipline yourself to become a good writer. Thank you for reading these writing tips and good luck with generating website traffic.

It is a lot easier to write effective SEO copy than you think. However, you’ll need to know what ingredients are needed to mix up your recipe into a batter, that will please humans, and the search engines. In this post, I will explain what key ingredients are needed to produce effective SEO copywriting that will achieve top rankings in the search engines.

First off, while keywords are a key ingredient for your mix, SEO copy isn’t about keyword stuffing your content. However, there are some key ingredients that you’ll need to apply in order to satisfy your human viewers and the search engines.

When you write page copy for SEO, you’ll need to select a subject that has enough demand and interest, to sustain your targeted audience. Once you have selected that article topic. You’ll need to do some keyword research. However, be sure that the keywords you select, don’t have too much competition in order to achieve top rankings.

Since most posts are 300 to 500 words in length, optimizing for several keywords, won’t be very effective. Therefore, you should focus on one primary keyword term, mixing it up with related words and terms. Using a couple of secondary keywords or key phrases is entirely optional, and depends on your article topic. Furthermore, keyword density doesn’t seem to work quite as well, as it did in the past. I suggest a primary keyword density starting point of 2.2% to 3.0%, and 1.4% to 2.0% for secondary keywords.

Good SEO copy-writing starts with proper keyword research. Utilizing synonyms and related keywords are best to apply, when writing SEO copy. If you use keyword stuffing tactics, the search engines will detect this and rank your page copy accordingly. Furthermore, write about topics that you are passionate about, and you have sufficient knowledge of. Be sure that you spell and grammar check your content, before publishing it.

Your written SEO copy, it needs to read natural to your readers. Therefore, write for humans first, and then adjust your page-content for search engine optimization. Make sure that your page copy is unique, and develop your own writing style, to make you stand out from the crowd.

Give your readers what they are searching for. Don’t turn your visitors off, by publishing low-quality articles that are stuffed with keywords. It will drive them away! Avoid that, at all costs!

Thank you for visiting, and reading the following post: “Very Useful Tips to Write Effective SEO Copy”

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