Here’s just a sample of one of videos in my upcoming IM Intensive course:

Truth be told, you really do need to hone your skills at self-discipline and become a virtual Zen Master if you truly want to succeed in any business. Internet marketing is no different.

There is a lot more to internet marketing than just creating a web page and publishing it on the interne but if you get it right you can make serious money. Millions of dollars are being made by successful internet marketers but that doesn’t necessaryily mean that they have mastered all the techniques. It simply means they have learnt the basics, done their research, and got to grips with the psychology behind internet marketing. They’ve learned how to control their own emtions and how to manipulate their prospect’s emotions.

Of course they also make use of some cutting edge technology to perform all the tasks that makes a business successful. At a later stage they also put together a winning team of experts to do most of the tedious work for them so they can go on endless holidays and live the life that makes the man in the street green with envy!

You will find that when you first start your interenet business, you are doing everything yourslef. You are a one man band that has to perform all the tedious tasks. That’s Ok to begin with because at first you don’t have enough funds to invest in all the fancy systems that can run your business for you on autopilot. Howver, here’s some food for thought:

You don’t have to end up with another J.O.B when you are conducting business on the internet. The beauty of internet is that there are many cheap or even free systems that can help you out. Autoresponders, easy to use, free HTML editors, cheap domain names, affordable hosting services and the list goes on…..

However, what you need is a strong belief in yourself. You need strength to control your emotions. Just as if you were trading the forex market for instance you need to control your greed and your fear.

With the right education, the right d strategy and in depth reaserch, Internet Marketing can certainly be very profitable. Not only that, it can put you back in control of your whole life and give you the life style you always dreamed of.

All the same,you need the right mind set to become successful at anything. Because success isn’t a birth right for anyone and it doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen. You need to have hope and you need to have faith in what you do. Self-discipline and homework can help you maintain focus and achieve your goal.

You don’t actually have to be a Zen Master to be a successful interenet marketer. However, you do need to understand that there is a psychology behind internet marketing and that emotions are very powerful forces in any market.

A good basic interenet education combined with research and proper business optimization will consistently produce profits over the long term if properly followed so be sure to learn the basics, do your homework and stick with your plan—and the pieces will fall in place.

If you are looking to invest in your future, look out for my new Interenet Intensive course. It will arm you with all the weapons you need to win the battle!

Are you thinking of running a business online? A lot of entrepreneurs are now relying on the power of the Internet to market their products or services. Home businesses are gaining more and more popularity these days. Perhaps it’s also time for you to consider an Internet business.

Starting an internet business is probably the smartest thing to do under the current fragile economic climate. I don’t need to tell you about the situation, you probably experienced it in one way or another, perhaps you got laid off from your full time job, perhaps you invested in property, hoping it would pay off but now realising your property has negative equity and perhaps in danger of foreclosure!

Maybe you notice that the price of everything you rely on to live your life, such as food, electricity, gas even public transport keeps going up but your salary, if you still have a job, never goes up enough to compensate.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to start your own Internet business. But the biggest reason is that you’ll have FREEDOM.

Because when you have your own business, you don’t answer to anyone. You are in control of your time and your life. You will also have financial freedom because you don’t have to rely on some arrogant employer to exploit your efforts and pay you peanuts!

It’s not hard, it just takes a little effort at first, but if you start on the right foot, you can set up an automated Internet business that runs on its own and puts money in your pocket or in your bank account day in day out.

How’s that? You don’t have to go on a long course to learn a new skill, all you have to do is spend a few hours watching some videos and read a few books or articles and you are on your merry way.

I have created a video course that will teach you all you need to know to get started and make money.

Look out for it, it’s coming soon.

While email marketing programs remain an effective way to drive traffic to your website, more and more marketers are leveraging social media to increase traffic and brand awareness.

A vague term, social media can mean anything from blogs to social networking websites and bookmark sharing services. Don’t be afraid to start small with one set of applications before trying something else. There are a lot of high-impact, low-cost things you can do to get started. Social bookmarking websites are a great place to begin.

learn about Web 2.0 and social book marking here

People by nature crave for information. Information to help them improve themselves or just to explore new things. Take advantage of this craving and make a killing out of creating info products that can be easily accessible to these people who want it. Combining demand and accessibility is the best way to earn a living online.

The information publishing business is the easiest venture that you can get in to. Apart from the fact that it requires only a very small investment, it can also generate a high profit margin. It can guarantee your financial freedom even during uncertain and volatile economic climate like the one we are experiencing these days all over the world.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to create your own eBook that you can sell online. All you need is diligence to research on your material and market it over the internet. You can write about almost any topic that you deem marketable. But to achieve the highest profitability possible, it is best to write about something that you know people are looking for and willing to pay for.

Displaying an authority and credibility over your chosen niche is enough to make your eBook marketable. All of us have something that we’re good at. Improve on what you have by doing thorough research. You can visit forums that your target customers usually visit. Or you can use search engines as tools to help you determine what particular information your customers are interested in.

It is also helpful to turn to those who have already established their reputation in your chosen market. You can learn a lot from these big players – from how to create your eBook to how you can effectively market them.

Creating and selling eBooks are more profitable than doing online affiliate marketing. This is because you are actually selling your own product and running your own business. Every cent of your sales goes directly to you. You don’t just rely on commissions that will be given to you for every transaction you close.

Another way of earning a killing with your eBook is by having affiliates sell it for you. You can never go wrong if you go this route. You can sit back and enjoy your residual income coming from those people who are selling your product for you. This lets you enjoy your life, without sacrificing your financial stability.
You can also come up with several offers to up-sell, down-sell or cross-sell. Offer your other info products in the guise of an added bonus.

This will ensure that all your products are marketed efficiently and increase the likelihood of having people buy more than one product from you.

Creating your own info products is one of the lessons in my new Internet Marketing Intensive course which will be launched very soon. It will teach you the basics of how to find profitable niches and how to go about creating your own digital info products. So watch this space.

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One of the most common questions for new marketers is the question of how to get traffic to a website. Many marketers have asked this same question, and we are going to explore these topics today. Many people will tell you to write articles for your website. Others will tell you to post in forums. Some people will tell you to blog about it.

Many of the internet gurus will tell you to buy your traffic from Google or Yahoo. Most new marketers don’t know the first thing about buying traffic. While this is probably the fastest way to get traffic, it can also cost thousands of dollars to get traffic with paid methods. For that reason, we are not going to discuss how to buy website traffic today.

We are going to discuss some free ways to drive traffic to your website. The first method is to go to Yahoo Answers and find people who are asking questions about the topics you talk about in your website. Everyday, millions of people use Yahoo Answers to ask all sorts of questions about a wide variety of topics. Your goal is to drive those people to your websites and help them by answering the questions that they have. You can do that by giving informed educated answers to peoples’ questions and linking your website to the end of your answer.

Another way to increase traffic to your website is through has classified ads on a whole variety of subjects. You need to go into the classified ads and look to see if you can provide a service for someone who needs help or is looking for a service.

There are literally hundreds of services or products that people are looking for that you can provide. I recommend spending some time at a site like or even and see if you can provide a service that people want to buy.

There are many ways to increase traffic to your website I recommend doing everything you can to increase your website traffic and get high search engine results. There is nothing better than having a website ranking high in the search engines. It can mean you make money from it everyday! You can make money completely on autopilot if you can get an established website in the first three positions on Google and keep it there. It will require some work on your part but when you will see the results, you would agree with me that it’s definitely worth it.

Learn the secrets of getting targeted traffic using the powerful Web 2.0 technique.

Every day we’re bombarded with hundreds of tasks, phone calls, messages, and everyone competing for our time. Focusing requires giving up something in the present because you are investing your time in something that will pay off big-time down the road.

Jack Canfield and Mark Hanson were turned down by 30 publishers when they submitted the first “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book. Instead of giving up, they stayed focused on their goal and did four or five interviews per day for radio, TV, and newspapers, for five days a week for a whole year.

Eventually, a small publisher decided to take a chance, and of course it became a best-seller that spawned an entire series, that have sold more than 10 million copies. Get my drift?

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