Well, here we are, we are already four days in to the New Year and  it looks just the same as the old one!


We made the transition swiftly and with a big bang what with all the firework displays around the world.


The main point is that the world is still here! The sky didn’t fall down, the earth didn’t explode! And everything else seems to be in the same order. Or are they?


The simple answer is: it depends on how you look at things. It depends on you and your expectations.  It depends on what you decide to do and what plans you have for the rest of the year.


As for me, I have plans! I intend the make 2012 a year to remember.  Not because of the London Olympics, or the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but because this is going to be the most productive year. I have a full line of products and they are going on sale thanks to the help and support I am getting from my two new mentors.


My first product is almost ready for launch.  The videos are completed, the sales page is written, the domain is bought and added to my hosting account, all I’m waiting for is approval from Click Bank now.


Here’s the proof


Second product is nearly there, The videos are done, the bonuses are chosen, Domain is bought and added to hosting account and I’m in the process of writing the sales copy.


Two down, Six more to go.  These are still on the production line, Content is written, power points are finished, just need to do the videos and sales page.


So if we say one product every three months…..Wow! That means I’ve not only got this year sorted, 2013 is also taken care of! How is that for a yearly plan? 🙂

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