I gave you a brief history of how I got into Internet Marketing.  But I realise that perhaps I left the story unfinished.  Though I must warn you.  This is a never ending story!! Well at least while I am still alive and kicking and that could be for a long time!!

So to carry on from that last post, I need to bring you up to speed.


It was at a recent seminar, a few months ago that I suddenly realised, Hey, I know most of the stuff  they’re talking about!  I am almost an expert myself, because I have tried these methods and got results.


At the coffee break, I found myself outside, with a small crowd around me asking me all sorts of questions.  Not just about the theme of the seminar but also about my experiences and my opinion about certain techniques, from traffic to copywriting.


I almost surprised myself as I had no problem answering their questions.  In fact most of the things they asked me about made me giggle a bit as they were such simple and basic things.


Yeah, simple and basic now but reminded me of myself a couple of years back when I didn’t have  a clue and I had to learn the hard way.


 It was then that I came up with the idea to create some sort of a course for the beginner. 


Originally, I wanted to do  physical one or two day classes.  I even looked up venues for hiring and audio visual equipment . 

Then I thought maybe if I created a digital product and a membership site for on going support, it would help many more people and it wouldn’t deprive me of the one thing I have been longing for and that is to be able to work in my night gown!! Rather than having to get dressed to go out to work. 


And of course it makes it easier for people to take the course since they can learn in their own time and from the comfort of their home.


I thought this would be a worthy project to take on.  A comprehensive course on Internet marketing for the novice. To teach everything they need to know to start an Internet business from the ground up.

From baby steps to seasoned strides!  An  Internet Marketing course in a box.

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