Remember two posts ago I was having problem with my recording and I said I was going to call the tech guys because whatever I did, didn’t cure the problem? Well read on….

I woke up with great hopes that I can sort out my recording problem and get on with the job.

It’s amazing how much hope and trust we put on the tech guys! It’s like they can perform miracles and solve any problem pronto!

Not so. I think we fail to recognize that they are only human after all and they are not by any means infallible. A lot of the times, they are not really as well trained as we think.

So anyway, having called the tech guys, I explained what my problem was, I mentioned that I had this thing called “echo canceller” which has now disappeared and I believe that is what’s causing the problem.

“Echo Canceller?” he asked, Yes, you know I had a little dialog opening on top of my mic icon in the task bar, saying “echo canceller is on”. Apparently, he had never heard of such a thing.

And he went on to tell me that if I have things disappearing from my computer, then I must have a virus and when I said I have virus protection he told me that virus protections are not that dependable. So what’s the point of having virus protection then?

Then he suggested that I should reload the factory settings on my laptop. What? These guys don’t seem to understand that after you’ve been using your computer for over a year and having installed hundreds of programs and software on it, reinstalling the factory setting is not an option unless that is the very last resort, following a real virus attack.

Then he tried to convince me that my recording software was corrupt!

So after forty minutes of useless conversation, he wasn’t able to help. Is this a real hell tech or what!

Before calling the tech guys, At that time I still had my echo canceller but it didn’t seem to be working, I searched on goggle for answers. I was directed to a site to get a free echo canceller.

But before you download anything they wanted to scan your computer, so I let them and they came up with some results showing out of date drivers and of course then they took me to the payment page. What! It said free download. Well it wasn’t free, I suppose only the scan was free and it had nothing to do with echo canceller anyway. Then the echo canceller disappeared alltogether. They must have somehow overwritten it with something else and I even lost something else that’s called “sndvol32.exe” which allows you to display your volume control in the taskbar.

I won’t go into details of how I finally managed to recover this file. But I was so frustrated by this time that I didn’t even want these scanning software on my computer especially because every five second it was telling me to download the drivers. So I uninstalled it.

Anyway I after I finished the call with the tech guys, I thought. “what if I just download the sound drivers?” these were all free from the manufacturer’s support site. Then I downloaded an acoustic canceller which I realised afterwards it’s not really much help in recording . I also downloaded a mic driver too.

Took me a while to download, install and run all these new programs and the result? Well, I still don’t have an echo canceller, but at least I can now record. However, the new recording sounds completely different from everything I’ve recorded until now and since I was in the middle of one of the muddles when the work came to a halt, it means that I have to do this muddles again from start.

Oh well, at least I can now get some work done! And I don’t think I need to be so much of a perfectionist either. I’ve heard recordings sounding much worse than mine and they were done by top professionals who make six figure income!

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