Equip your business with everything you need. Make a list of everything that might need to get started, but before buying – look at what you already have. You will need reliable phone, answering machines, computers, printer, modem. Purchase EMAIL. Try to save on everything. You can save up to 70 percent by buying used office equipment. As a rule, it satisfies the needs of the first steps. When buying a printer, think about the Matrix – you’ll save on the cartridges. The market is dot-matrix printers that use ribbons for typewriters. You’ll see how much money you will save on the initial stage using the typewriter instead of expensive cartridges. When income grows you buy laser printer for the production of critical documents. Your start-up requirements do not require the newest and powerful computer. You can start with the older, for example, Pentium 150, acquiring it for $ 300 including the periphery. Later, you upgrade it in accordance with the new standard. The same applies to other components of the equipment. Your initial investment can thus be minimized.

Avoid the costs caused by the MINUTE desire. We buy goods or services that are not needed – simply because they were in a special mood or because of the perseverance of the seller. “Waking up” we find that a lot of money spent on goods which do not need, while the really important things have not yet purchased. Make a list of items that really need to equip your business, and refrain from other purchases to the time when revenues will buy luxuries. Buy the most practical and reliable items. Invest in reliable Japanese phone instead of cheap. Buy items that do not break, even if they are dropped. Your vehicle is your working tool that does not necessarily have to be beautiful or very new. The tool should be reliable and to work in all circumstances.

You will need to acquire skills using office software. Buy a book on MICROSOFT OFFICE and take some time to investigate this software package. Learn to work with databases – such as lists of orders, mailing lists, data on purchases and sales, etc. If you do not enter any data into the computer immediately after their receipt you will drown in a sea of records and reports that affect the quality and speed because you can not quickly find the necessary information. Your profit depends on how quickly and efficiently you are working with information.

Rent a mailbox and send in all correspondence. This will stop the endless stream of visits and phone calls absorbing your precious time. When you have a business, your working hours is your money. Take mail once a week at certain time.

Master the skills to use EMAIL. This tool will save hundreds of hours. Increased income recovers the costs associated with the subscription fee for using of the Internet. Otherwise, email with competitors, would be ahead.

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