One of the lessons I teach in  my Internet Marketing course, I am still in the process of completing, is on competition.  In this lesson I recommend that you join your competitor’s mailing list so you can find out how they conduct their business and that’s a good way of learning from them, spotting their weaknesses and making them your strength.


This isn’t just something I preach, I  have been doing this myself for some time now.  As with many of the advice I give  in the course, I speak from personal experience.


But there is a downside to subscribing to many mailing lists.  You get shed loads of emails on daily basis.  Yeah, shed loads is actually an understatement!


Since I am on every one’s list, I get so many  email every day that keeping my mail box under control is almost a full time job!  last week when I went for my knee operation, I didn’t check my mail for about a day and a half.  

Do you want to know how many emails I had in my inbox when I checked?

Eight hundred and twenty five!!!


That’s a lot of emails in one and a half days don’t you think?  So the best way I know  to manage my emails is to put them in folders.

Apart from the deafault folders such as  inbox, junk, deleted and sent folders I have eighty three folders  that I have created for my mail.  If I don’t have time to read an email on the spot, what I normally do is to  move it to a folder and then read it when I do have the  time. 


Also some of the messages are too good to delete so I usually create a new folder and keep them there for future reference. 


But even though I am reasonably organised with my email management, I still think I should one day go in there and do a proper clean up.  I think I will do this soon as a spring cleaning project.  Do some serious deleting  and unsubscribing  because some of the lists I am subscribed to really get on my nerves these days.


I’d say one email a day from one list would be enough, but some of them send out messages every fifteen minutes!  That’s taking the piss!   Good job deleting only requires pushing one button!

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