It’s been  a week since my last post and I was beginning to regret ever starting to blog about this new project.


Not that I want to kid myself or anyone, but I think I started to talk about it too early.  Of course I didn’t know there were going to be so many snags on the way.  I couldn’t have possibly known that my work was going to be utterly plagued by all sorts of things from technical problems to health problems to lack of time (Yeah, still have my 9to 5 right!) all  pushing me a couple of steps back every time I took a step ahead!


And you know me, I had to defuse all my frustration somehow so you’ve been getting a glimpse of my explosive version, sort of!  But what I’ve been talking about in my posts, are just the tip of the iceberg!  I didn’t really tell you about everything that’s been going on and I don’t think I should!! 


But what the heck!  I can’t keep it to myself any longer.  So here we go……


OK.  Apart from the fact that my computer is on a mission to break me, All my software, especially my MS word disappeared from my hard drive and you think I could find the CD to install it again?  My whole house got into a total mess because I was just tearing everything up and out looking for the CD.

Finally I concluded that I had lent it to someone and never got it back but you think I could remember who?  Whoever it was they should consider themselves lucky.  If I got hold of them, they would have wished they didn’t know me at all!!

I just wanted to get on with the work.  I’d already done all the paper work.  The power point presentations and the publications were all ready.  The idea was to read out the publication and record the voice over a video of the power point presentations- simplest way of producing a basic video.


I had video and audio recording software which I bought some time ago. So in my inexperience, I started doing the voice recording first, thinking that I can then patch the audio and video together.  Yeah right!


I had done three of the voice recordings which weren’t without their own dedicated hick ups and I’ve already told you about all the problems I had with that in my previous posts, so no more of that here.


Then I though, Hold on a minute, let me try and see if this actually works. You think this was an easy task? Oh how I tried and tried!  I simply didn’t have the right equipment to do this.


Then I had to buy a video editing software so that I can produce my video tutorials, what a waste of money that was, because it just wasn’t capable of doing what I wanted to do.

Iworked really hard and finally did manage to marry the audio and video, but it was a doomed marriage because the voice was going one way and the video was going another, they were totally out of sync!  I wrote about that too.


By now nearly three weeks had past and I was still on the first page! So, what’s the next move? Give up?   Not on your life!


Finally I found a solution and I talked about that too in Eureka! BUT………I had to start again from scratch which I was OK with and I did the first video in no time at all.  I was excited!  We’re back in business.  Yeah? 


So what else can go wrong?  Well, I had to go for in to hospital for knee surgery.  Ouch! 

Well, that’s done now.  I went in on Wednesday morning and came home on crutches in the evening.  On Wednesday evening, I recorded two videos. My voice was a bit weird, I suppose because of the sore throat I had from the anaesthetic, but they will do I think.


So how is that for determination?  No one can say I lack motivation, No one can tell me I am a quitter. 


I’m only saying if I knew there were going to be so many obstacles on my way, I would have delayed talking about this project for a bit. 


Because it may seem to some people that I am dragging my heels when I’m not.

I’m managing, which means I am in charge and I’ll eventually take control despite the bumpy ride.  No one said it was easy.  It’s lateral thinking that will ultimately lead to success.

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