Build your business for free. Join my free home business and I do all the work. It doesn’t cost you anything to get started.

Are you familiar with the phrase,” I was born one day but it wasn’t yesterday”? That should probably apply to all of the advertising promoting free home biz online opportunities.

What I personally have found is that there is a never ending supply of ways to make money online that you can get started with for free. Home business opportunities are one of them.

Affiliate marketing is a true opportunity that doesn’t cost anything to get started. However, from a business standpoint you are going to have to invest something if you expect to make any money.

For example, as an affiliate marketer you are given a website to promote. So how are you going to promote it?

This is why so many people join affiliate programs and never make any money. It’s free to join, but it is going to take either time or money, or both to advertise online.

So if you join my free home business opportunity what do I really want from you?

1. Your name and email address. I want to be able to follow with you in the future on other online home business opportunities.

Many home businesses really want nothing more than to build a very large list. I would caution you about building somebody else’s list for them.

This is why you see so much written about the power of an email marketing list. It’s not very powerful if somebody else controls it. You are always better to build your own list by promoting your own landing page and autoresponder.

2. You to upgrade. Every home business opportunity is looking for paid members. Nobody makes any money if somebody doesn’t spend something somewhere along the line.

The idea is that you will join for free, become excited about the possibilities, and upgrade to a paid member. In many cases the benefits of being a paid member are worth it if you are really going to promote that opportunity.

When I first started online the catch phrase was “get three and yours is free”. This just meant that when you recruit three paid members into a program you should be earning enough commissions to cover the cost of your monthly membership.

3. You to promote my program. Network marketing is a good example of this. You can make money online if you help enough people get started making money.

The home business company is looking for people to promote the program. By recruiting enough remembers that upgrade this creates a form of viral marketing.

Of course when you are in business for yourself you need to promote the program. The home business has created a mutually beneficial opportunity this way.

When you join my free home business what I really am looking for is all of the above. There is power in building an email list. Of course I am going to make money when you upgrade, and I want you to promote the business opportunity as well.

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