In case you’ve ever wondered how the billions of dollars in sales happen online, think coywriting and sales literature of one kind or another. This article helps you understand a few mistakes that you should avoid as a copywriter.

Discussing product features will never produce the kind of positive results that can be achieved when the benefits are presented. While sometimes a particular feature just must be mentioned, but you need to right away start talking about what that means in terms of the benefits of that particular feature. When it comes to making a decision about buying, people always think about it selfishly, and that’s why expressing the benefits will get a better response than features. That is also why it’s important for the copywriter to understand the product and all that it has to offer. You can derive the benefits from what you consider to be the features, one by one, and then use the benefits in the copy. If you do that, then at least you’ll have the benefits clearly expressed for the readers. Just keep in mind that people will only buy from you when you show them how your product will change their lives, no matter how small that might be.

Powerful testimonials are essential to copy that converts well, so don’t make the mistake of presenting them in a poor or ineffective manner. It will always be important to remember that people base their buying decisions on emotions, and then only later they attempt to rationalize it. Social proof is what testimonials are all about because they help to allay the fears in your potential customers about you and your product. If you don’t have testimonials, you really need to get some because they’ll help you to create almost instant trust and some rapport with your site or blog visitors. Of course it goes without saying that this level of trust will be reflected in your conversions. Another approach is to find expert testimonials from experts in your niche/product that you’re able to use. Even promotions for topics like Instant Article Wizard coupon or WooThemes will start to see improvement with these tips.

Failing to include a clear and strong call to action within your copy is a copywriting mortal sin. What is sales copy suppose to accomplish? To generate sales for a product/service. The call to action is needed to make that process happen more efficiently.

You can’t really depend on your prospects to understand and take the action on their own. At the appropriate place in your copy, just simply say it – tell them what to do. If you want subscriptions, tell them to “Subscribe Now.” It’s a must that you say it in the fewest number of words. The smart marketers are always testing, so that is something you can do with a different call to action phrase.

If you write your own copy, or you want to learn how, then you must make an effort to reduce your mistakes as much as possible. Another way to help is by proof-reading, editing, and revising as needed – so get in the habit of doing it.

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