When I created my website I spent very little time focusing on the content which was found on the various web pages. Bad Move. As I was starting out I didn’t realise that what was written on the website needed to take into consideration the search engines as well as any visitors which came my way. I have to admit I was very naïve and I probably still am to a point. Marketing online has never been an issue so I started out right down at the bottom and I have been trying to work my way up ever since.

My part time online business is basically just a way for me to earn a little extra cash while working at home. I created a very basic website, through some content on the various pages and thought that that would be enough to have some people find my and hopefully invest a little bit of money in the services I provide.  Unsurprisingly I received little more than one or two visitors each day and none of them tried to get in touch with me.

Learning About Google Panda and the Importance of Content

I ended up trying to find ways of improving traffic online and it wasn’t long before I learnt the term search engine optimisation. There was a lot of information regarding a recent update, Google Panda, and how the content on your website is very important when it comes to not only helping your website rank higher in search engines, but also as a way of building trust and offering value to your visitors to help with conversion rates.

Tips on Writing for Your Business

I began working on the website immediately and contacted a writer to help me with the content. I learnt some excellent skills which I have been trying to improve upon ever since and so I thought I would share a few with fellow business men and women who are steeping out into the world of online business without having any experience or very little knowledge on how to market yourself effectively.

The about page needs attention

Without an about page it is not possible for your visitors to quickly find out about you and the services you are providing. It is a good idea to make the page as informative as possible without creating hundreds of words which are basically very boring to read. Create a simple page which provides concise information, but make it interesting else no one is going to want to spend time reading it or getting to know your business.

You can still keep your privacy

 I was very concerned about having information on the Internet which included my full name and also what I looked like. My SEO copywriter informed me that visitors like to see faces behind the business and know who to address their comments or enquiries too. I was very concerned about this but I discovered that it is perfectly acceptable to create a professional pseudonym. 

Find a writing style

Although I now use a writer to help me create content for my website on a regular basis I still have a style of writing which can be recognised on the site. I explained to my writer the type of voice I want to come across and over time we have created a strong blog full of content which is similar in style so that my regular readers are able to feel they know me and my business on a more personal level. I find this helps with linking with social media now which is an area I am just beginning to explore more for my business.

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