Years ago when I was new to internet marketing and still learning,  I always held the dream of creating my own information product that succeeded. 

I kept hearing that creating your own product can have serious benefits.  Not only it will have huge payouts, a lot more than affiliate products, but it would also have the benefit of branding, getting recognition and even attracting joint ventures.

And I would think “Yeah right!  It’s easy for you to say that” So I kept that dream vivacious and sparkling.


But I am not just a dreamer, I do follow my dreams and work relentlessly to reach my goals. 


It was that dream that made me work so hard to research, study and learn as much as I could about internet marketing and in three years I have come a long way.


I’m not saying that now I know everything there is to know.  No, I don’t think anyone knows everything there is to know, that’s just plain impossible and if anyone says that they know everything then they are downright phonies!

But I think I deserve a PhD in internet marketing! 😉 And that would qualify me to teach what I know don’t you think?

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