You probably don’t know this and why should you!  but I’ve been, for the last nine months, trained and coached by one of the most respected internet coaches on the other side of the pond, the one and only Frank Garon.


I don’t know what to call this internet marketing business, is it art, is it science, is it craft? whatever it is, Frank has been showing me the ins and outs. The pitfalls and the glories.  He has encouraged and inspired me, he has educated and trained me.


I learned everything from keyword search to traffic generation. But most of all I learned the importance of choosing a niche and creating a brand.
I struggled to create a brand. I bought product licenses, put together ebooks, published articles and blogged until the cows come home, but I was still craving to create my own brand, something I could honestly call ME or something that was my own.


One thing Frank always told me was that I was a good writer and story teller, he encouraged me to write, he awakened the writer in me again. I always loved writing, but I never shared my writing with anyone.

But being coached and mentored by Frank changed all that. I started writing again I even started writing a book.   

It’s an amazing thing, being encouraged and having someone believe in you! It brings out the YOU in you that you like!


Suddenly, my search for a niche was over!
Nine months of intense  studying, learning, nurturing, searching and paitiently seeking and enduring…


I found my niche!  my baby!


 To complete all my internet training and experience with my coach and mentor, I was hand picked by Nick James, who is one of Britain’s expert copywriters, to be trained as a professional copywriter at his copywriting academy.


At the end of a 4 day gruelling workshop, as if this was just the one last push I needed!


My baby was borne!


I feel I have accomplished my mission in finding my niche. I have confidence in my talent and now it’s time to begin reaping the relic!
I‘ve been trained by two experts from two continents now and they both believe in me.
I am Now a copywriter for definite. This is my business.


I can write words that have the power to make you laugh,
I can write words that have the power to make you cry.
I can write words that can sell your product or service,
I can write words that can sell YOU if you want to be sold!


And with my words


I can do and say whatever I want!
I can do and say whatever YOU want!
I can do and say whatever that can be done and said with words!

And I love doing this!


If you want to find out what copywriting really is, just pop your name and email address here to hear it from the horse’s mouth!

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