In today’s society, e-commerce has taken the world by storm.  More and more businesses are moving toward online websites to get traffic.  Guaranteed traffic can be generated to your website if you know the keys to getting traffic online.  We are going to explore some ways to get traffic online.  You want to do everything you can to get traffic to your website. 


There are many ways to get traffic to your site.  Your site needs to be high in the search engines to get a lot of traffic.  Most web surfers never go below page one when searching for information online.  That mean that your website needs to rank on page one to get a lot of visitors on autopilot.  Most of the visitors to your website will come in the first three positions.  Even if you are in the first page of Google, most of the search results go into the first three positions.  I have seen first-hand what happens when one of my sites goes from the 10th position on the search results to the 2nd position on the search results.  My traffic increased by 75%!  When you get your website ranked high in the search engines, you will get a lot of traffic every day.


You can drive more traffic to your site through blogs.  Blogs give you the opportunity to get your name in front of people who don’t know anything about you.  Do-follow blogs give your website the opportunity to be linked to other highly ranked blogs so you can get on the first page of Google.  You can also help your blog by visiting forums where you can place your website signature in the posts that you make on the forum.  This is a great way to get visibility on the search engines.


Another thing you can do to get traffic on the search engines is to bookmark your websites.  The idea is to bookmark your website to bookmarking websites which will generate a lot of traffic to your website. Google loves sites like and, and you can really increase your traffic through these sites.


There are many ways to get guaranteed traffic to your site.  The best way to get guaranteed visitors to your site everyday is through getting your site ranked high in the search engines.  By doing this, you will see many visitors checking out your site everyday!

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