Information products are still alive and kicking. Affiliate marketing is still alive and kicking. Content is still king when it comes to motivating potential customers.


So, all you really need to do to earn your first $1,000 online in 30 days from now is to pick a proven business model, and work with it from the ground up with a plan.


This has always been the case – whatever the year- the real money is generated by owning a real business, and doing what you do best.


I’ll give you several proven business models in these no-fluff honest  blog posts, you can call it my labor of love for you. You can choose any model you like. All of them hold the potential to generate $1,000 or more for you, if you’ll take your business seriously.


What you’ll gain here is the ‘big picture’ perspective.




Keep in mind this is not a step-by-step ‘how to’ guide, although I do make every effort to give you the basic information you need to get started. But if you are a total beginner, you need to wait for me to finish the course I am putting together for you.


My purpose in writing this for you is to give you a broad view of online income sources.


I want you to understand the fundamentals and to realize that (most of the time) those ‘next big thing’ products you see are really just variations on an established model.


Make sense?


There are hundreds upon hundreds of opportunities, but when you really dig into them, you’ll find that they all fall into the same class.


In other words, you’re always selling something. It’s just that your role in the transaction varies. Some models involve making direct sales, while in others you act as the referrer.


Either way, you’re making money based on your ability to induce others to take action.


That action could be as simple as clicking on a link in an Adsense ad, or it could be the prospect pulling out his credit card to buy a product.


So, if you’re ready to grab your share of the action in this New Year, then keep reading…


And of course you are welcom and encouraged to leave comments and tell me what you want and what stage you are at so I can, if need be modify and improve my postings and the course I am putting together for you.



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