There are many ways to get traffic online.  Some of these methods are easy to do if you know what you are doing.  Some of these methods can be very difficult.  The key is to try to find traffic online with as many different methods as possible.  If you can find a few methods that work well, you can make a lot of money through the traffic going to your websites.  You want to get targeted traffic to your site.


The key is to find traffic that is going to be profitable for you.  You want to target traffic for buying keywords.  You want to stay away from traffic that doesn’t include buying keywords.  There are certain words in keyword phrases that likely are not great buying keywords.  The word “free” always raises red flags in a keyword search.  People looking for free information are  not going to be in a buying mood.  The word “buy” or terms like “where to buy” are going to be much better for search traffic. 


You want to target keywords that get a lot of searches but don’t have a lot of competition.  A good keyword in most cases is going to be any keyword that gets over 1,000 searches a month.  You want to target keywords that get less than 30,000 optimized search results from Google.  These are the best keywords to target when trying to write articles or buy domains for your website.  If you can target domains for buying keywords that get a lot of traffic, this will help you convert even more visitors into buyers.


The key to building your website is to build something that will be profitable for you and generate income for months and years after you stop building it.  You can get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site every month, but if those visitors don’t convert to sales, it is not going to make any difference.  If you get a website to rank on page 1 in the first three positions of Google, you will generate tons of free traffic to your website.


There are many ways to get traffic to your website.  Keep focusing on your buying keywords to get targeted traffic to your website.  Try to get quality traffic to make your website generate the most income . 

Traffic generation is one of the keys to any successful business, and online businesses are no different from offline businesses.

Try viral marketing if you’ve tried everything else and not succeeded.

Or better still try the Traffic Genius software

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