It’s been a trying times for me the last few weeks. Not only have I been struggling with my product creation, I’ve also been plagued with all sorts of technical problems all pledging to hinder my progress.


There’s just been one spanner after another being thrown in the works what with my audio recording and editing software and the new video software that I had to learn to use etc.


To make matters even worse, from Wednesday evening I’ve had no internet access due to some technical problem with my telephone exchange.


I tried to count the no internet access as a blessing so I can get on with my audio recordings.  Yeah, take a disadvantage and turn it into an advantage, right!


So I cancelled my Saturday seminar to stay home and do my recording.

 * * *

 If you think it’s an easy task doing a thirty minute recording in a flat on the 16th floor of a tower block  in the middle of London, Think again!


As soon as I started recording, all hell seem to have been broken loose!  There were ambulance sirens, police sirens and fire engine sirens, coming from the street.


RAF jets roaring past overhead and then the upstairs neighbour decided to do his DIY!!


And they started digging the road, just about a 100 yards from my building using one of those pneumatic drills.


I tried closing my windows to take advantage of the double glazing silencer! But that would only get rid of the noise from the street and not the noise from upstairs, besides I hate sitting in a room with closed windows – just can’t breath.


I started re-recording several times from the beginning, but each time I had to stop because of some noise or other either from outside or from upstairs.


I thought this was the epitome of ill fortune.  I have a whole day of no internet, no phone and no interruption but still can’t do what I planned to do with my day.


I felt like giving up.  I kept saying to myself, “what the hell you think you’re doing, You can’t do this at home!  this needs to be done in a recording studio”. And then I answer myself by thinking “ what? You want to pay those studio prices? Are you serious? Just get on with it girl. It can be don so do it yourself!”


I had to pack it in and go for a long walk.  Got side tracked and went shopping too. It’s good for the sole!


By the time I got back, it was getting dark.  I was in a refreshed and positive mode. 


Took me just over an hour to record the first lesson.  Wow!  That was good!  But I still need to do some editing.


Ok.  One down and another seven to go.  But the thing is now after all the tentative tinkering with the software, I know what to do and the rest would not take me as long as the first.  My persistence  paid off and I came out victorious!

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