It started as a great idea.  A project to fulfil my passion and earn me my worth.


I have created a couple of products before but they were easy to do.   This was a big idea, almost a massive project.


A comprehensive internet marketing package for the novice!  Something I would have been grateful for 3 years ago when I was introduced to internet marketing at my first internet seminar.


It took me a long time to learn what I know now.  Taking baby steps was what I had to do to learn one bit at the time and mostly the hard way.


So I wanted to make it easy for others.  All you need to know to start a business on the internet.


I’m not saying I am doing this from the goodness of my heart, although there is no doubt about my good intentions, but I am doing it because I’ve made this my business.  This is how I want to work and earn a living.  This is how I want to be able to support myself and my family without having to go out and work for someone else.


And of course helping others gives me a kind of satisfaction that I can’t put a price on. So what I get out of this is of huge value to me both financially and compassionately-


I thought this would be a worthy project to take on. A challenging project, but I do like challenges, I thrive on that.

A comprehensive course on Internet marketing for the novice. From baby steps to seasoned strides!

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