One of the things that makes the Internet so attractive is the fact that it allows you to find heaps of valuable and engaging information on practically any subject under the sun.


Of course, some website owners settle on simply duplicating articles from other sources, be it other websites, content farms, even uneditted private lable rights, just to pack their websites with content.


When this happens, they miss out on some great opportunities. It is true that content is king, but I think it’s only original content that is king not just any old baloney!


Here are just a couple of reasons why original content is not only imperative, but fundamental to the success of your web site or blog.


Original content can help make your website stand out from  crowed. There are gazillions of sites on the internet and if you want to be noticed, you need to be creative and offer something that’s not available anywhere else. It doesn’t have to be an original idea or concept, it just needs to be an original piece of writing.


Even if you are not actually coming up with a new or unique subject matter you can still make your content unique by using your own creative talent, instead of just duplicating some tiered old content that someone else has written.


When the content of your site is not a carbone copy of thousands of other sites, you have a much better chance of ranking higher on search engines.


Apart from making your site stand out a litle more, creating original content also makes it possible for you to use your own well researched keywords. This can also help  push your ranking up a few more nicks.


Cleverly placing good keywords that are part of common searches online in your content, will help improve your chances of showing up in the top ten results. Higher rankings mean more visitors and If the objective of your site is to market an idea, a service or a product, this is a very good thing because more visitors mean more sales.


If you are trying to build a list of prospects, more visitors can increase your chances of getting more sign ups to your list which in effect means more business openings for you.

Last but not least, composing original content makes it possible for you to trumpet what you have to offer, flaunt your ideas, style, concepts and opinions. You simply can’t do that if the content is borrowed from another source.


While it is true that coming up with original content can take a long time, requires more work and can be more arduous than simply cutting and pasting canned content onto your site, the benefits make up for the time you spend.

So my advice would be this: always go for fresh, original content.






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