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How many times have you heard that phrase, pitch, advertisement, or whatever? Lots, I’m sure. It is used so much because marketers know that staying home and making money is the fondest dream of millions of people.


And why not?

Did you know that the majority of fatal heart attacks happen at 9 a.m. Monday morning? It’s true. It seems a lot of people would rather die than get back to the old grind after a weekend of freedom.


So when someone offers an opportunity or plan for you to take your job and shove it, yet still make enough money to live and pay all your bills, it sounds blissfully irresistible.


Of course, bliss and reality are always two different things.

Is it really possible to run a business from your own home that is more than a hobby or source of part-time income? Can you get rich working out of your own home? Can you really trade your cubical and necktie for blue jeans and the comfort of your own den?


Well, for your information, home-based businesses are one of the fastest growing kinds of enterprises in the world today. As I am writing this, millions of Americans are doing at least some form of work out of their homes, and the numbers are rising rapidly.

According to the U.S. Department of Labour, as many as 70 million people were working out of their homes by the year 2005. Government studies have indicated that as much as 75% of all work done could eventually be moved home.

The overwhelming majority of home workers, however, are not exactly getting rich. The average work-at-home American earns less than $15,000 per year.

That may not be bad as a supplement to a spouse’s full-time income, but let’s face it, fifteen grand is not much better than poverty.
As master marketer and author Dr. Jeffrey Lant said: “Frankly, I never saw any benefit to staying home and being poor.”

Lant, without so much as a business card, became a work at home  millionaire, and is a perfect example of what truly can be achieved if you are serious about chucking your day job, staying home, and not settling for peanuts in exchange for your freedom. You can have it all — you can stay home and make as much – and more – money than your current job provides you.

If you really want to know the ins and outs of becoming an entrepreneur, you need solid basis on which to build. You need determination and you need to develop the entrepreneurial attitude.

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