Eureka!  isn’t that a great word?  It sums up my experience with this project I’ve been talking about at length.  It sounds much nicer than simply saying “I found it”.


I am not going to run out of the bath and into the street naked like Archimedes! And it’s not really so much of  a new discovery but I am so excited and ecstatic that I can’t write fast enough to tell you about it.


I have found the solution. I have just found the way to overcome the obstacle that was getting me down and hampering the progress of my product creation.


And what’s more, As soon as I found the solution, I did my first video lesson, from scratch in less than an hour. How cool is that?


Funny thing is, I always knew about this solution, I just never actually explored it.   Only because I thought it may not work or it was completely out of my league.


But you know what? You won’t know until you try. And everything that may seem impossible at first will become a no brainer if you use your head and keep your cool.


I don’t mind telling you what’s responsible for this victory but allow me to savor the joy of keeping you in suspense for just a bit longer. I deserve the treat after all I’ve been through! 🙂


So I am now in full swing and getting on with my project with the aim to complete in the next few weeks. Hold on! a few weeks may seem a long time when you talk about it but really, the way days are turning into night and the weeks come and go so quickly these days, a few weeks fly by in a blink .


I have a lot to do and because of all the problems I’ve been facing which  delayed the launch of  my product, I now need to get on with it.

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