When buyers of a product read its web copy, they often form an impression of the entire business it represents. They base their opinion through the language of the web copywriting they come across.

Web copywriting has become a much required skill for anyone trying to do business online.


The alternative, for the beginner is almost unthinkable!  Because the cost of having a copy written by a professional is simply unaffordable for most.


But how much faith  people put on what they  read on the web?


A  copywriter may just present some facts in a believable manner but which may not be true. It’s not as if this hasn’t ever happened.

What do you do then?

Misleading information presented in the web copy harms the image of the organisation behind it. For in a very real sense, the web copywriting of that product represents not only the product but also its makers.


This is where, old-fashioned as it may seem, ethics comes in. Being a web copywriter imposes on you a certain power.  The power of the written word.


There can’t be a hard and fast rule to gauge ethics  so, many a time you’ll find people shying away from buying products online, even of those deluged by marketing hype. A web copywriter has to be more informative and logical. An ethical approach to web copywriting keeping in mind etiquette reverses the declining public confidence in marketing.


If  all you do is try to sell your product,  from paragraph one, your  copywriting material is counterproductive to your sales purpose.

Instead, when writing for the web, you must keep in mind the internet’s informative aspect. The copy isn’t just about giving a blow by blow summation of the product. You’ve got to stick to facts but also remember not to blandly launch sales pitches everywhere. Chances are that a too direct marketing approach may have the opposite effect. People are turned off when they find too much of persistence and want of finesse on the other end. A copywriter isn’t a salesman. Ethics as well as etiquette are the subtler qualities you need to reflect in your copy when writing for the web.


The moment the reader thinks you’re trying to snare him into buying something, you’re sending out negative vibes. You have to consider the structure of the internet and the fact that it is communication through the written word. If you have a polite style of writing and gradually introduce the product, it definitely reads better than launching headway into where to click and how much to pay.

If you want your copy to succeed, you’ll have to keep these principles in mind.  This is one of the things I cover in my copywriting supremacy video tutorial and I think it’s essential for all to take note


From personal experiences I can tell you that Ethics and etiquette in web copywriting and even web development promotes long term business success and profit. So, such marketing content doesn’t merely rely on words but on attitude, character and manners as well!

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