Today is the first day of the Persian New Year.  It’s an ancient tradition to celebrate the coming of the spring.  Indeed the weather was very spring like here in London too.  I brought my potted Hyacinth in from the balcony last night and this morning I could smell it throughout the flat.
The sweet smell of Hyacinth, the glorious sunshine and the mild weather, made me feel exceptionally light-hearted and cheerful from the time I wok up this morning.
I wasn’t going to do any work today but my addiction compelled me to turn on my computer to check my email and then I absent-mindedly started to do some recording.
For some strange reason my audio echo canceller had disappeared from my computer and I wasn’t able to record anything.   I ran a diagnostic on everything. 

The hardware was fine, the software was functioning but anything I recorded sounded like I was speaking form the  bottom of a well.  All I could here was the echoes!
All my attempts to solve the problem failed miserably but I wasn’t going to allow this letdown wreck my good spirits so by 4 in the afternoon I packed it in and went for a long walk.  This is the first time I have gone out unescorted after my knee operation.  So at least that was a small victory I suppose!
Any excuse to stay positive!  Still  this may be a little  drop in the ocean but then again wasn’t it the little drops that made the ocean in the first place ?

Tomorrow I will have to call someone and get help.  I’m running out of free trial of my recording software and I need to get this done.  I was planning to buy the software anyway but I set a goal for myself to finish the recording during the trial period and I want to do everything humanly possible to achieve that goal.  If that doesn’t happen then I’ll have to move the goalposts! 🙂

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