Do you decide by your own efforts to establish a private business and get rich? Congratulations with the right solution! Each year, thousands of companies are formed, but many fail – primarily because the entrepreneurs are not familiar with the basics of organization theory and management of private business.

In this article we will offer some suggestions. Using them you will smooth the path to success. This guide assumes that any business enterprise properties of certain risks and every solution has a number of alternatives.

** Prior to the organization, select Workspaces from the home. The best place is a separate room or, if you live in the suburbs or rural areas – garage. In fact, fit any space – if it will easily accommodate all the business supplies and equipment, and leave enough working area for the table and other necessary items.

** You must first determine how much time you can dedicate the business. Many people start a home business in your spare time, simultaneously being engaged in raising children or working anywhere else. Write down everything with what you have to deal with. Determine which part of the day can be devoted to business management. Sometimes entrepreneurs believe that they can afford to spend several hours every day for doing business – and then it turns out that family or work responsibilities did not leave time.

** Decide what business you are attracted. If at this stage it is difficult to determine what business is preferred – make a list of things you enjoy doing, think about your job and other skills. Scan the resulting list. Reread the above guidelines. We can write to you the most accessible business methods. Cross out the least attractive methods – those that do not find the application in your geographic area or have an unmet need of the population in your area.

** Click a form of business organization. The basic forms is individual enterprise, partnerships and small business. The most convenient form is individual entrepreneurship. Business advantages of private enterprise are the follows:

1. All profit belongs to you.
2. Private business is simple and inexpensive in the organization. Patent – is all that is necessary to begin with.
3. You are the boss.
4. You have significant tax advantages. By making a one-time fee for a patent you will earn as much as you can.
5. Private ownership stimulates the work and responsibility. Since we are talking about your own money you invest in a business with a maximum drive and talent. Success depends on your ability to make the right decisions and manage the circumstances.

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