I received some comments about this blog yesterday.  They were not left in the comments box on the blog, but emailed to me in  response to a business correspondence.


I thought they were unfair, untrue, irrelevant and rather brash.  Now those who know me know that I always welcome constructive criticism but I though this was a little malicious. 


And the fact that he went on to say “I hope my feedback helps you progress” was a little patronising.


First of all I didn’t ask for his feedback, secondly my blog didn’t have anything to do with what we were going to work on.  It just so happens that I have the blog address as my email signature and he clicked on it. 


Here are the exact words he wrote copied and pasted from the email:

  – the style does not read well

– there are quite a few syntax errors

– there is very little value from a business perspective


Ok.  Let me address each point.  The first one is about style, well this is a little cryptic to me.  What does he mean by style?  Is it the wordpress theme I am using? The colour scheme, the font or the style of writing?  In most cases, it’s a matter of opinion. 


I’ve actually been complemented on my choice of word press theme and the colour scheme. If it’s the fonts well,  its word press for God’s sakes, whatever font I choose it doesn’t make any difference, it just goes to whatever font is the default. 


If it’s the style of writing, again it’s a matter of opinion.  If you don’t like it, that’s fine with me, I didn’t invite you to read my posts anyway! 

Furthermore, the style I use to post on my blog does not  symbolize my writing skills and isn’t the same  style I would use when writing a business letter or a serious article.   


Blogs are personal logs and not business letters – just in case you didn’t know! 


But as for having syntax errors!  Eeerm! Da!  Not only it’s not true, but also what if it was?  This is a blog not a Thesis in literature!


And as for not offering much value from a business perspective! What is that? Another cryptic pompous comment that not only doesn’t apply here, it doesn’t even make sense.  Again, this is a blog. Not a corporate website.  


So I concluded I didn’t want to work with him anyway, Not if he thinks he has to give me English lessons!


And does he know that you should always start paragraph sentences with capital letters?


Oh well.  It’s his loss really not mine. I decided I didn’t really want to write for him especially once I found out what the subject matter was for his articles and the fact that he actually wanted them written in someone else’s style!


What you think I will sacrifice my identity to make a few pounds? 


That’s not my style! I challenge anyone who tries to belittle me with arrogant comments about my writing. Even in my humble appreciation of constructive criticism and though I am always critical of my own work,  I still think there’s not much wrong with my writing.


 I’m busy creating my own product anyway.

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