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Every day we’re bombarded with hundreds of tasks, phone calls, messages, and everyone competing for our time. Focusing requires giving up something in the present because you are investing your time in something that will pay off big-time down the road.

Jack Canfield and Mark Hanson were turned down by 30 publishers when they submitted the first “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book. Instead of giving up, they stayed focused on their goal and did four or five interviews per day for radio, TV, and newspapers, for five days a week for a whole year.

Eventually, a small publisher decided to take a chance, and of course it became a best-seller that spawned an entire series, that have sold more than 10 million copies. Get my drift?


Everyday millions of people set out to create their own internet business. More than 90% of them will never make more than $500 in sales that’s if they work really hard and learn how to actually market their product or service.


A small percentage will go on to make hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in sales.  Many go the affiliate marketing route because it’s easier and they don’t have to create the product themselves.


But it’s a proven fact that people who endeavor to create their own information products in the right market, using the right strategies, are people who become successful and financially independent.


Is it luck or skill that some eBook publishers can bring in a million dollar while others can only bring in $500? 


….The truth is that creating an information product is a SKILL that must be learned!


Chances are you’ve been an affiliate marketer for some time.  Affiliate marketing is easy, fun, and can be extremely lucrative. 


However, creating your own information product and watching it succeed beyond your dreams is the best feeling an internet marketer can experience.


If you want to learn many of the secrets and strategies successful marketers have been using for years to create digital products that bring in hundreds of thousands of dollar in sales, download this free report    How To Create Your Own Million Dollar Information product. 



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The popularity of e-books has made it possible for just about anyone to have their written works published. Either for selling or just for the sheer thrill of seeing their output all printed out (electronically, that is), more and more people are creating e-books in a wide variety of topics.


There are many reasons behind the popularity of e-book publishing. The books can be used to generate publicity for a business or website. Giving out free e-books is a very effective way of spreading information and a very fast way to garner publicity. A well-written e-book about a very popular subject can interest people in your business or website. Another reason is profit. E-books have become an acceptable medium even among established literary names. Best-selling authors such as Stephen King have already joined on the e-book bandwagon and came out with electronic versions of their works.


To get to know how to publish an ebook, you can turn to the abundant sources of the internet. There are many guides available to get you started on electronic book publishing. These guides will give you these basic steps in self-publishing:


  • Know what you want to write about. There is nothing more difficult than writing about something you know nothing about or have no interest in. you should choose a topic that you have an interest in and a solid expertise on. This will make you look more credible among your readers. If you are promoting a business or website, then your topic should definitely be something related to that.


  • Write effectively. A good subject is worth nothing if you do not know how to write about it. Your skills should be enough to justify the niche that you are writing about. Learn how to write in such a way that you will be able to entice customers to buy your product, avail of your service or check out you website. If you are not that confident of your writing skills, you can hire someone to co-write or ghost-write it for you.


  • Choose a format for conversion. There are several formats available for converting e-books. The most popular format today is PDF. PDF converters can be easily downloaded and it will only take you minutes to convert your file. PDF files can be read by all platforms, from Windows to Mac to hand-held devices such as PDAs.


If you have a bigger file, you can try  other converters such as Book Generator.


You can improve the selling potential of your e-book by creating a picture of it for buyers to see. A 3D image will make your book more attractive to customers.


Serious book readers prefer to have an image of the book in mind to get them interested in reading it. A good representation of your product will make it more tangible in their minds. It makes them feel that they will get their money’s worth in buying the book. It is very easy to create 3D images by using popular software such as Photoshop.


It takes a certain mind-set and audacity for anyone to start their own business and succeed, but it’s even more difficult for a female entrepreneur.


It wasn’t until the 1970s that the first generation of women really started to enter the workforce and they weren’t exactly welcomed in the ranks of management.


Well my female comrades, those days are gone!


Let’s face it, We’ve always had to be twice-as-smart and twice-as-confident as any male counterpart to do well in the male dominated world. 


But by God we’ve managed it and I can write a long list of successful women to prove it.  Be it in the world of sports, in science and technology and in the male chauvinistic corporate world too.


After all, if we can bear and raise the future generation, how can running a successful business scare us?


I am not talking about corporate business here or getting a job in a company run someone else who’s only aim is to slave you to the nine to five or whatever hour they choose for you and then pay you peanuts for your efforts, discriminate against you because you are a woman and pay you less than the male worker who does the same job as you do and perhaps not perform as well as you.


I am talking about your own business that you can run from home.  A business where you are the mistress and commander, where you don’t have to put up with bosses who would try to make you feel inferior because of your gender.


Forget what you’ve been told until now, by your mum, friends and family or anyone else you’ve been listening to. You don’t need a college degree to be able to become a successful business woman, 


All you need is to learn to draw on a set of skills to get you to the top and help you stay there.


Because Today you can run your own successful business from home with very little initial outlay.


You are the 21st century business woman who needs to be able to build a vision based on the awareness of universal change.


You do have the ability to home in on opportunities that others may simply not see, and then outclass everyone else in that unexplored terrain.  


And vision is not some exclusively male superior epitome, but an accessible notion that is easy to understand and will make your business grow to another level.


The strong managers/owners today not only anticipate change, they create entirely new businesses that respond to modifications and search for originality.


Learn the skills,  start on the right foot and you are only limited by your own imagination.




We all know what it’s like to be working for other people and we’ve all been there and done that in some way or another.  In fact majority of people think this is the only way they can make a living.


What kind of living is that?  You are working long hours, you are bossed around by some twit who has no idea of how you feel and doesn’t even care to find out, someone who is only interested in his own well-being and only after filling up his own pocket.


Of course there are exceptions to that rule, some bosses are reasonable and do take care of their staff.  Some companies do actually care about the well being of their work force and do provide them with some fringe benefits.  Even then I think you are not really getting paid enough for the amount of effort you put in.


But the common pattern is, when you work for someone else, that you are expected to work hard, long hours, be commanded by your boss and be as obedient as a slave. In return you get to live just above the bread line and if you’re lucky, you might get a pension after forty years of hard labour!


Surprisingly, most people just carry on their lives, working for unreasonable bosses and put in all their energy and effort in to making someone else rich.  They are tied to their desk from dawn to dusk, under pressure to take on massive workload and meet tight deadlines and for what?  Peanuts!


Companies are in business to make money for themselves not to make YOU rich.  You are just a tool and they use you to make huge amounts of money for themselves.


And what happens when the company you are working for is in financial trouble?  You get sacked! 


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take control of your own life and be in business for yourself?  Wouldn’t it be just great to be able to work when you want, have enough money to do whatever you want with and take holidays whenever and wherever you desire?


How would you like to be your own boss?  How would you like to have total control over what you do with your life, how would you like to be the one who determines how much work you put in an what you do with the profits?


Well, it’s not as difficult as you may think.  It may take a little hard work to start with but you will see the fruit of your labour sooner that you think and you can have your cake and eat it all if you so desire, without having to answer to anyone else for your actions.


All you need to start is the right mindset, common sense, some  courage and a lot of determination. 


You need to break away from a life of drudgery, distant yourself from self-doubt, and convince yourself that you are able to do whatever it is that you want to do and achieve.


To be honest, it costs much less than you think to start your own business.  I am talking about an internet business, where you don’t need premises, stock and staff.  You don’t need to buy a license, or a franchise, which can cost a bomb, you don’t need to borrow start up money or anything like that.  You can start it on a shoestring budget and get rewarded handsomely in a very short time.


And that’s when I decided to create a product to help your achieve you goals and realise your dreams.  It’s a set of three audio CDs that I recorded to reveal to you all the shortcomings and advantages that the internet represents to people who are willing to learn, improve and accomplish.  Here’s a teaser:


 Listen Here 




What would you give to set yourself free from the drudgery of every day work?  Wouldn’t you like to be your own boss? Set your own rules, have your own hours to work and enjoy your life?


Actually, you don’t have to give up anything.  You can start your own small internet business from home with very little money and fulfil all your dreams.  All you need is a little know how and a lot of determination.


Everyone wants to be successful in life don’t they? well at least I think so and those who don’t, well, they won’t be looking for any self help products.


I am only interested in people who are looking to improve their lives and who are looking for solutions and advice. People who would gladly listen to someone who is willing to share their own experience to show them that it can be done and how to do it.


And what about debt? especially these days with the global financial doom and gloom.


There are so many people now who are really struggling with their debts that I am sure they would welcome some good advice.


It is surprising that how many people just have no idea of how to put their finances in order and take control of their debts and therefore their lives.


And this is how my three new products were created. But hold on! many other people  have written about these things and made a name for themselves as experts in the field, why would people buy from me? a nobody.


Well, actually I am not a nobody.  I am a passionate individual with determination and drive.  I am a visionary with a plan and though I may not be rich and famous, yet, I am someone who has started on a journey to take control of my life and chase my dreams. 


And I am willing and able to share with others, my experiences and insights to help them get where they want to go.


I believe that makes my products unique, even though they may not be absolutely original. 


People would identify with me more that they would probably with big brand names and unapproachable famous writers who have reached their destinations in life and most probably by now forgotten what it was like when they first started.

I have not forgotten what is like, because I am still on the same journey, walking with confidence, towards my goals.


The only difference is that I now know where I am going and can walk a little faster.  I have an understanding of what obstacles may lie ahead and I am brave enough to go for it and tackle it. Whatever they may be.


And I can show you how to get there too.  So walk with me friend!


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