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I’ve always said I’m a tough cookie even though I’m extremely sensitive and incurably sentimental.  It’s a bit confusing isn’t it because the two characteristics don’t really go together, but there you are. This is  the ultimate paradox!


Now back to the product creation saga!  After I realised that the audio and videos are not synchronized, I tried to find a way to correct this fault.  There is no sincronizacion options on any of my audio-video editing software.

So I was playing around with my audio editing gizmo and realised that you can speed up the recording.  Oh yeah!  I can do it this way.

  OK.  Judge for yourself. 

This is the original audio

And this is the fast version


Errrr!   don’t think so!!


You think I’ve tried enough?  Should I give up now or carry on like a fool!

Well, what can I say?  the only way I can describe the situation is by using the epigram that summarizes into ” Murphy’s Law!”  You know, ” if shit can happen, it will!”

For the last five days, I’ve been working hard to get my audio recordings finished. I say days what I really mean is a couple of hours in the evening.  Yes. Unfortunately, I still have to go to my day job because my Internet income isn’t enough to sustain my lifestyle, not yet anyway.


So by the the time I get home, if I’m lucky and there are no tube train delays, it’s just before 6 or at the latest by 6 pm.   However, lately, there’s been tube delays every day for one reason or another so I’ve been getting home more like 6.30 or even 7 pm. 


By the time I cook some dinner, yes, I do have to cook my own dinner! and eat it, it’s more like 8, 8.30.  and, yes, I am a slow eater! though a fast cook!


And I do like to watch “The Unit”  it’s a great action packed TV series that they show a few back to back episode of during the week end and my son records for me  So we can watch it together,  one episode a day during the week.  Except for Wednesdays, when we watch “leverage”. 


Any way not to get side tracked talking about TV shows, I’ve been spending about two to three hours an evening on the recording.


But you know what?  It’s been going quite slow.  I start well but half way through the recording my voice changes!  I get this feeling like some one’s grabbed hold of my throat and is squeezing the air out of my lungs!


Drinking water doesn’t help, so I’ve been drinking pineapple and coconut juice that seems to help a bit but it’s a sugary drink and I don’t like drinking it too much especially at night because it gives me insomnia! that’s been another problem that I won’t talk about now.


Besides all that, just when I got the hang of the software and got my voice sorted with honey and jasmine tea, what happens?  My stupid computer conks out again losing all my latest work.  Yeah I had back up but the back up was not quite up-to-date because I was just in the middle of the recording!


OK so that’s not so disastrous is it?  I only have to do it again and not quite from the beginning…..  So I’ve now done three of the eight recordings,  the PowerPoint’s and the silent videos.  All I need to do now is to put the voice track on the videos.  Simple right?   Wrong!


I wanted to try to put the voice and the video together, before finishing all the audio recordings to see how it works.  I had to buy a new software for this and learn how to use it but I won’t talk about that now either.


Guess what!     Errrrrhm!  the video and Audio are totally out of sync! 


It seems the more I do the less I achieve!


So what else can happen? a heart attack? a stroke?  an earth quake or tsunami?  Whatever!

Did I say it’s been trying times?  Well, trust me to make an understatement as usual!!


I need to get this bit off my chest so I am writing again, even though I have now sorted out most of the problems and especially learned how to use my audio editing software now.


But last Saturday, when I was trying to do my recording and had to put up with all the noises I talked about in yesterday’s post, what I didn’t tell you is this: even though I was really frustrated, I thought, I won’t be beaten by these little snags, there must be a way to get through this.  Going to a recording studio is out of the question anyway, and giving up is not an option, not for me not now.


I decided to keep recording in small sections and then use the editing software to cut out the unwanted bits and the noise within the recording and then patch everything together.  Yeah right!


It seemed like a simple thing to do. Little did I know that simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy!


Ok, I’m not a geek! But I’m not an idiot either, I can usually work things out by trying a few different options etc….


But this editing software, seem to have a mind of its own! I tried and tired.  There were no proper instructions on how to use the damn thing, I said proper, there were no instructions period.


The instructions just said things like, you can edit your recording, you can cut and past from file, you can do this and you can do that, but it didn’t tell you how!!


I kept trying and trying with no success.  I kept deleting a bit and realising I’d cut too much off or didn’t cut enough, or cut off most of the bits I wanted to cut off but left just a couple of words at the end which proved to be a real head ache to delete.


To cut a long story short, I was at it for most of the Saturday morning.


I got to a point with anger and frustration that I was stamping the floor and punching the door.  I was cursing everyone and everything.


In the end, I came to conclusion that I need to get away. Get out of the house, go for a walk, get into a break state and then try again.  And this time if it didn’t work I’ll pack it in.


In true spirit of   “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, then give up.  There is no point being a damn fool about it!”


So I went out and the rest you know.  If you don’t know, then you should read yesterday’s post!

It’s been a trying times for me the last few weeks. Not only have I been struggling with my product creation, I’ve also been plagued with all sorts of technical problems all pledging to hinder my progress.


There’s just been one spanner after another being thrown in the works what with my audio recording and editing software and the new video software that I had to learn to use etc.


To make matters even worse, from Wednesday evening I’ve had no internet access due to some technical problem with my telephone exchange.


I tried to count the no internet access as a blessing so I can get on with my audio recordings.  Yeah, take a disadvantage and turn it into an advantage, right!


So I cancelled my Saturday seminar to stay home and do my recording.

 * * *

 If you think it’s an easy task doing a thirty minute recording in a flat on the 16th floor of a tower block  in the middle of London, Think again!


As soon as I started recording, all hell seem to have been broken loose!  There were ambulance sirens, police sirens and fire engine sirens, coming from the street.


RAF jets roaring past overhead and then the upstairs neighbour decided to do his DIY!!


And they started digging the road, just about a 100 yards from my building using one of those pneumatic drills.


I tried closing my windows to take advantage of the double glazing silencer! But that would only get rid of the noise from the street and not the noise from upstairs, besides I hate sitting in a room with closed windows – just can’t breath.


I started re-recording several times from the beginning, but each time I had to stop because of some noise or other either from outside or from upstairs.


I thought this was the epitome of ill fortune.  I have a whole day of no internet, no phone and no interruption but still can’t do what I planned to do with my day.


I felt like giving up.  I kept saying to myself, “what the hell you think you’re doing, You can’t do this at home!  this needs to be done in a recording studio”. And then I answer myself by thinking “ what? You want to pay those studio prices? Are you serious? Just get on with it girl. It can be don so do it yourself!”


I had to pack it in and go for a long walk.  Got side tracked and went shopping too. It’s good for the sole!


By the time I got back, it was getting dark.  I was in a refreshed and positive mode. 


Took me just over an hour to record the first lesson.  Wow!  That was good!  But I still need to do some editing.


Ok.  One down and another seven to go.  But the thing is now after all the tentative tinkering with the software, I know what to do and the rest would not take me as long as the first.  My persistence  paid off and I came out victorious!

Too many people are being held back from making a good living online … just because they don’t know the basics.
Things like building websites … setting up a domain … processing payments automatically … assembling a squeeze page and so on.


Of course you can pay other people to do all that for you but it will cost you not only an arm and a leg, it will break you before you have a chance to make any money.


As the saying goes  give man a fish and you feed him  for one day, teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for years to come. 

So why not learn to fish?


I know that the basics of internet marketing can be scary for someone who is not that technically inclined.


So  that’s why I am creating this comprehensive course to get people over that hurdle and then some…..


Yes.  And I’m still struggling with m y computer disfunction which is making my progress a bit sluggish!  but hell, at least I am doing something.

More on that later.




No one knows how much time they have left to accomplish their dreams, but one thing is certain and that is that we don’t have forever.

The clock is ticking, and sooner or later your number comes up and you’ll be gone. I don’t view this as a “negative” aspect. I’m just being pragmatic here.

It would be good practice to use this principle of limited time to spur ourselves on.

I simply use this notion as an inspiration to keep me going. I go after what I want as heartily and avidly as I possibly can for as long as I can, in the knowledge that I would be rewarded for my hard work and perseverance.

It may be that I upset a few people along the way with my diligence, but hey, who said there were any rules when you are trying to achieve success!

I may not even get quite the outcome I am working towards but whatever happens, I know that the satisfaction I get from achieving little goals are reward enough to encourage me to keep going for more.

All this passionate pondering over the week end didn’t get me anywhere.  My computer is still playing up and rendering my software unusable.

But I devised a cunning plan and started recording on Friday night. Half hour into my first recording and my throat felt like I’ve swallowed a blade! Yep, this time my voice let me down!! did I say voice? what voice! I didn’t have one!

For heaven’s sakes I am trying to cash in on my most valuable asset; TIME, and everything is going against me. Is this a test of endurance and patience? Well whatever it is, it’s out to get me I’m sure.

Better stand down for a bit. Lay low for a couple of days and do some sole searching ha?

I know it’s much easier to blame eveyone and everything for your failure, but I don’t want to take the mentality of being a Victim.


I don’t blame anyone for my shortcomings. Not that I have any 😉


But really, to take the vicim attitude and blame everyone else for what happens is saying that they have control of your life not you.


And I don’t want anyone else controling my life. I am in control and I take responsibilty for my actions or inacitons for that matter.


Thus I have to confess that I haven’t made any progress yet with finalising my product since my last post.  Oh hold on a minute, that was only yesterday evening wasn’t it?

Still, I expect a lot of myself and I think I should’ve done something since then.  Though I am not blaming my coach for not getting back to me with an answer to the question I asked him yesterday evening on how he thought I should proceed with the videos.


I went ahead and started recording anyway – but didn’t get that far.


I’m not even blaming my software  for crashing on me time and time again or blaming my browser for fighting with me every time I tried to perform a task.


Yes it was all my own doing  and I don’t really care what anyone says!


I let people think what they want of me because someone else’s opinion of me doesn’t have to become my reality.


I will get on with my life and work as I have for all these years regardless of failing technology or  unreliable friends 😮  I live my life with a purpose and I know I will either find a way or make one!


Now, I wrote this post in about 8 mintes using notepad. Yes even word (my office software) is not responding so I couldn’t run a spell check. So I’m afraid you’ll have to live with my spelling mistakes. 🙂

So you may say. Ok that was yesterday, how about today, I mean this evening.

Well not much has changed this evening.  Even wordpress is wrestling with me tonight!


So I take my leave.  tomorrow could be a better day.

 * * * * * * * * * * * *

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