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I enjoy passing along what I learn about making money online through article marketing and in my blog. I have been doing this for over 10 years now.I also enjoy creating videos and adding those to You Tube.

It’s pretty easy to find new ways to make money online because things are rapidly changing in this market. Because of the economy, and how many people are unemployed, making money on the Internet has become a necessity and more and more people are looking into ways to do it.

It’s easy to get started making money online, but it’s hard to actually do it. I would venture to say there are still more people who try to make money and fail, then there are those that actually stick with it long enough to learn how to do it.

Blogging is a fast way to get started with your own website. It’s also an excellent way to make money on the Internet because you can monetize your blog with affiliate products very quickly.

You can also write articles for other bloggers and make money blogging that way. Many bloggers tend to do a combination of both.

When you are blogging for yourself you will not make any money until you get somebody to purchase something. In the case of affiliate marketing you might get them to click on an ad or fill out a lead for and make money that way as well.

Another thing that bloggers are doing very successfully is building an email list from the traffic that comes to their blog. This can be a good long term solution for making money as you promote offers out of your list.

Some people think of making money online as completing get paid to programs. This does work. You might get paid to type data entry, or complete surveys.

One of the best things about making money online is how easy it is to research strategies to do it. Discussion forums are a good source of that. You can find those Big-Board.com.

Of course you can Google search specific opportunities, or even go to You Tube and watch videos about making money. You Tube is the third most visited website on the Internet every day.

It’s interesting that over 687,000 searches are done every minute on Google. Of course it is the most visited search engine online.

Social media sites such as Facebook are also a good source of information. This has made referral marketing a good way to learn how to make money online. If you hear of something that is working from a friend you are more likely to give it a try.

If you are running your own online home business, you will know that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and this will determine the income you generate. So your main focus and the bulk of your time will be spent on generating targeted traffic to your website. In other words you main job will be marketing.

The internet is a rapidly changing environment, so as an online business owner you need to keep up to date with what works and what no longer works. Bear in mind that promotional methods that worked two years ago may no longer work today. So it is really important that you are aware of what marketing methods will have a positive impact.

You’ve no doubt seen that it is often recommended that you develop multiple streams of income online. This is so you do not rely on one income source. Ideally you need a few sources so that your income is not drastically affected should one opportunity go down for some reason or another.

The same applies to promoting your online home business. You do not want to rely on your website getting traffic from just one source. Ideally you want to master a few online marketing strategies so that you are driving traffic to your website from a variety of sources.

This includes traffic from the search engines too. Don’t just optimize your site for Google, aim for high rankings in Yahoo and Bing as well. Never rely on one search engine for organic traffic.

It is advisable to start off by learning two or three traffic generating methods and then you can always add more once you have mastered those. It is not advisable to try and learn too many methods at once. This can cause confusion especially if you are new to internet marketing. So be prepared to go through a learning process so that you become skilled at several different methods.

Select methods that are proven to work and that you are comfortable working with. You will be working with these methods on a consistent basis, so it will not take long for you to master them and develop a routine for driving traffic to your website.

Generating targeted traffic from a variety of different sources will ensure that your online home business still receives visitors should one source takes a dip. This will also ensure that your income does not take a serious dip too.

When it comes to internet marketing there are two ways to make money: The fast way and the slow way.

The fast way entails finding a product or service that you believe will be popular (from a reputable source, of course), and then buying as many online adverts from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Sponsored Tweets, banner ads, Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Action and other paid methods that you can afford.

Buying your way to the top of the Google search engine is still the most reliable way to arrive at this most coveted spot. Soon, your website will be flooded with highly motivated buyers and your products will be flying out the door, or at least over your internet connection. And hopefully, the money you spent on marketing is less than the revenue you received from your sales!

The slow way is the route most people like me take. That’s because we don’t have deep pockets and can’t afford the steep ad rates charged by the top internet advert platforms nowadays.

The slow way also requires finding great products, but  promoting them through Search Engine Optimization, article writing, link building, blogging, email marketing, and other low-cost or no-cost advertising methods. While these techniques may be slower to show results, because your investment is very low (or nothing), your profit margin is much higher.

Plus, believe it or not, the big search engines like Google and Bing give more value to websites that are organically marketed, rather than rely on commercially-driven traffic. So the longevity of your site is much better compared to a paid-traffic site, which tends to dry up the moment you turn off the advert spigot.

So my recommendation is that you learn all of the ways by investing in good and reliable training that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. My book “Baby Steps To Seasoned Strides” is an example of a low cost complete course you can try.


When searching for ideas online to start a home business of your own you are going to find that you have many different home business opportunities to choose from.

As running a home business takes commitment and work, it is important that you choose a niche that interests you. This will make it much easier for you to dedicate the time and work required on a regular, consistent basis to build a profitable business.

It will not be easy to be totally committed and dedicated to a business when you have little interest in it. It is important that you enjoy what you do when you run your own business. Starting a business based on a passion or hobby makes it very easy to put in the work required as you will be enjoying what you do.

If you are starting a home business online while still having a full-time job, it is critical that you have a real interest in it as you will need to put in the work most probably in the evenings and over the weekends. This will mean you are going to have to make some sacrifices, such as giving up some of your TV viewing time or whatever it is you normally do.

Also if you have an interest in a niche, it is very likely that you have quite a bit of knowledge about it too. This will save you a lot of time and eliminate the need to do a lot of research on the topic. This knowledge will stand you in good stead and you will be able to benefit greatly from it.

By sharing your knowledge with others you will attract visitors to your website. There are many ways you can do this, here are a few examples:

– adding unique and interesting content to your website or blog on a consistent basis;
– sharing your knowledge in forums related to your niche;
– writing and publishing press releases;
– interacting with like-minded people on the social networking sites;
– writing and publishing articles;
– writing and publishing an email newsletter to build your list.

When you have decided what niche you would like to be involved in, then search online for opportunities in that niche and this will make it much easier for you to choose the right home business opportunity for you.

By selecting carefully from the home business opportunities available, you will find it is much easier and more enjoyable to build a successful business online from home.

I am sure that most of you at one time or another has probably heard that old phrase “practice makes perfect” and it truly does apply to the subject of writing page content. I will provide you with some very practical writing tips to follow, and they will help teach you that patience’s and discipline is needed to become a good writer.

– Writing Tips and Tricks For Writers –

To engage your writing creativity, inspiration is needed and plays the crucial role.
1. You should always avoid writing if you are in a hurry or tired.
2. Taking small breaks will help to maintain your creativity level and mood.
3. You can reduce stress levels up to as much as 30% by looking at material that contains the colors of blue and green.
4. If you like to change your present mood, then you should look at some bright and bold colors for five to ten minutes.

What is an article outline and why is it important?
* An outline is like a blueprint which contains instructions to follow to write your article. Using an outline will take you step by step through the entire process and help maintain your train of thought. It also acts as a writer assist to remember ideas, focus on ideas, and to rearrange ideas in the best logical order.

The three essential elements of an outline:
1. Topic sentence
2. Body content
3. Conclusion

Search Engine Optimization Content:
You should always consider including a few targeted keywords in the body text of your article. Make sure that your main focus is writing for humans and then for search engines. This is a must, if you want to generate web traffic.

Make sure that you use readable fonts and non squinting color contrasts with your content. Having great page content won’t matter to your readers if your color contrast doesn’t compliment it, and the result could be that you will end up losing visitors.

* You should always use your word processor to check for common grammar and spelling errors. This is the first step in proofreading, and never rely totally on your word processor as your one and only means of proofreading.
* The next step is to create a hard copy to proofread and check for things such as, spelling, grammar and punctuation!
* Proofreading your own work can be extremely difficult and sometimes having a friend or colleague is more of an effective manner to find those typos.

First Draft:
It is best that you let your first draft sit for a day and then review it again. Never post your 1st draft immediately, you’ll be shocked to find out what you thought was the perfect article, is actually absolutely terrible !

It is very important that every writer has an outline to follow. Using one on a regularly basis will help to discipline yourself to become a good writer. Thank you for reading these writing tips and good luck with generating website traffic.

There is something so romantic about the idea of quitting your day job and starting your own business. Many people dream of the day when they can walk into their boss’s office, give their notice, and leave the grind behind. No more having your attire, vacation time, and pay dictated by someone else. It sounds too good to be true but the fact of the matter is that this is happening more and more frequently. The internet has provided us with a lot of new opportunities, especially in the affiliate marketing and eCommerce space.

If you are someone who wants to work online, the best piece of advice I can give you is to always keep women in mind. Whether you’re an Amazon affiliate or building you own eCommerce store (and anything else in between), it’s important to understand the Female Economy.

What is the Female Economy?

According to the Boston Research Group, women control $18 trillion in consumer spending. Women are also becoming wealthier. From 2000-2007 there was a 68% increase in the number of women in the US who had $500,000 in investable assets (or more). What was the increase for men? Just 36%. It’s clear that women are not only influencing buying decisions, they are also making the purchases themselves.

Women Share Online

We’ve all figured out by now that social networks are a huge part of marketing and should be used to funnel traffic to your website. Women make up 51% of internet users; 55% of Twitter and Facebook users are also women. And no doubt you’ve heard of Pinterest, the digital corkboard that has taken off in the past year. 87% of Pinterest users are women. They are talking, sharing, and recommending products online, products that you could be an affiliate for or selling yourself.

How to Appeal to Women

There are a few things you can do on your website to appeal more to women. One of the biggest things is add a lot of videos. On average, women watch and hour and a half of YouTube videos every month. Women like to see how products work before they purchase and this is especially the case if the product if for children.

Another element that speaks to women is showing diversity. If you have the mindset that most women are stay at home moms with young children and a husband who works outside of the house, you are sadly mistaken. In today’s world there are only approximately 4% of US households that fit this “traditional” mold. By acknowledging the uniqueness of the modern woman’s situation through your website’s copy and pictures you use, this can really go a long way.

Are you a man and you’re not sure how to appeal to women? Ask some! Show them your website and get their feedback as to whether or not they would purchase the items after visiting the site. They might be able to help you tweak the copy and tell you if they like or dislike the images you’re using.

It might be a man’s world but women are the tastemakers. Create your business with this in mind and you may very well be able to give your day job the old heave-ho!


Katelyn George is a search marketer for a merchant account and credit card processing company. She is also starting her own eCommerce store and is on track to give up the 9-5 within the next year.


Internet marketing can be a very good way to start your own business and make money online.  This can help you create a new source of income or just increase your number of income sources.  Many people have been able to make enough money to quit their full time job and do online marketing instead.


As a result of our ever changing economic times, more and more people are looking for ways to increase their income in order to make ends meet.  However if you approach internet marketing with the right attitude and action plan, then the sky is the limit as to how much you can earn.  


Even though it is possible for most people to be successful online, the harsh reality is that most people fail or just completely give up before they even come close to reaching even their smallest income goals.


It is important to know these problem areas so that you can avoid them, because you may run into any number of them on your journey to online success.


Some of the reasons why most people fail at internet marketing :


1.) No real commitment – Because it is so easy to get started online, many people do not treat the opportunity like a real business, that starts from and idea and then as a result of continued action is transformed into a profitable business.


2.) No clear plan or guidance. – Just like if you are planning on taking a trip to a new destination that you have never traveled before, if you have a map or plan to follow then it becomes much more likely that you will reach your destination sooner or later.


3.) Lack of persistence – It is important to remember that learning something new does take time and effort and success is often the result of repeated or persistent effort.


Now that you know what are the causes of failure for the majority of people who attempt to make money online, it is easy to understand why the key factors to internet marketing success are so important.  


In reality if you are not using the keys to success then by default you are actually using the keys to failure.  Some if you truly what to be successful and make money online, then you should make it a daily priority to focus on these key factors :


Key Factors To Focus On :


1.) Desire, drive and motivation – This is your first key to achieving your online financial goals.  You have to make this a daily priority.


2.) Plan your work and work your plan – Taking action has always been one of the biggest ingredient to achieving success in any endeavor.  This is especially true for creating an online business as well.


3.) Persistence and patience. – It is important to set realistic, achievable goals and to have the patience and persistence to work towards achieving your goals even when you are not seeing immediate results from your efforts.  This is one of the biggest challenges that cause so many people to quit before ever realizing their goals.


The good news is by focusing of the key factors to achieving internet marketing success you will be greatly increasing your ability to create the life of your dreams by having your own successful online business.


Now that you know that it is possible to make money online, click here to get step-by-step training on how to create your first money making website => Creating An Online Business


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