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It is a lot easier to write effective SEO copy than you think. However, you’ll need to know what ingredients are needed to mix up your recipe into a batter, that will please humans, and the search engines. In this post, I will explain what key ingredients are needed to produce effective SEO copywriting that will achieve top rankings in the search engines.

First off, while keywords are a key ingredient for your mix, SEO copy isn’t about keyword stuffing your content. However, there are some key ingredients that you’ll need to apply in order to satisfy your human viewers and the search engines.

When you write page copy for SEO, you’ll need to select a subject that has enough demand and interest, to sustain your targeted audience. Once you have selected that article topic. You’ll need to do some keyword research. However, be sure that the keywords you select, don’t have too much competition in order to achieve top rankings.

Since most posts are 300 to 500 words in length, optimizing for several keywords, won’t be very effective. Therefore, you should focus on one primary keyword term, mixing it up with related words and terms. Using a couple of secondary keywords or key phrases is entirely optional, and depends on your article topic. Furthermore, keyword density doesn’t seem to work quite as well, as it did in the past. I suggest a primary keyword density starting point of 2.2% to 3.0%, and 1.4% to 2.0% for secondary keywords.

Good SEO copy-writing starts with proper keyword research. Utilizing synonyms and related keywords are best to apply, when writing SEO copy. If you use keyword stuffing tactics, the search engines will detect this and rank your page copy accordingly. Furthermore, write about topics that you are passionate about, and you have sufficient knowledge of. Be sure that you spell and grammar check your content, before publishing it.

Your written SEO copy, it needs to read natural to your readers. Therefore, write for humans first, and then adjust your page-content for search engine optimization. Make sure that your page copy is unique, and develop your own writing style, to make you stand out from the crowd.

Give your readers what they are searching for. Don’t turn your visitors off, by publishing low-quality articles that are stuffed with keywords. It will drive them away! Avoid that, at all costs!

Thank you for visiting, and reading the following post: “Very Useful Tips to Write Effective SEO Copy”

There is no question the Internet has a plethora of opportunities to offer entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to make money online. Writing is no exception, because you can make a nice amount of money off of writing content and articles for people. The key is understanding what people are looking for and being able to deliver quality content that is unique.

For this reason, many entrepreneurs are becoming most curious about, “how to become a writer“. There are several writing tips that can help you become a reputable writer on the Internet. Obviously, to start you want to begin writing.

You need to first learn the concept of keyword optimization. Keyword optimization consists of your targeting specific keywords in an article and spreading them out several times. What this does is allow the search engines to find these keywords thus allowing the article to rank higher in the search engines. When writing articles for customers, you are going to find requests for keywords and this is why.

The next tip for you to become a writer is to learn how to research. You are not going to be an expert on everything you write on no matter what you think. This does not mean you have to turn the customer away.  Instead, learn how to research quickly on the internet and find information you can use in your articles. This will make you a broad and open writer.

As for the articles themselves, you will learn is that short paragraphs are best. No one wants to read an article that consists of two paragraphs. It is bulky, boring and hard to follow. Instead, break your paragraphs down into no more than four or five sentences.

Once you understand how to write effective articles, the next step toward becoming a writer is actually writing articles. You need to have examples on the internet for people to see what you are made of. Write as many articles for yourself as you can and submit them to hundreds of article directories. You can then create an example page on your web site that is filled with articles to show off.

The last step for you to become a writer is to promote you and your business. You want to post in forums, write in blogs, use keyword optimization in your own articles, and perhaps even purchase some advertising to let people know about your writing service. There are many services available on the internet, and you need to work as needed to separate yourself from the crowd to be ahead of the competition.

Within this article, you will find many writing tips that will help you in figuring out how to become a writer. As long as you can produce alluring page content, work hard and put in the time to promote you and your business, increase traffic volume, you can and will become a writer.

Web copywriting is one of the most important skills to hone when you try to sell anything online. It’s not just about writing sales letters for your products it’s also used for creating your advertising and your email follow ups to your list.

When you are catering to a large audience, you need to know exactly how to write and what to write to grab the attention of your readers otherwise they would not hesitate to click away and never come back.

There are no hard and fast rules as how to write for the web. Simply put, the golden rule of copywriting is that there are no rules! However, writing for the web becomes easier if you keep a few pointers in mind.

The basic aim of web copywriting is getting the reader interested, engaged and involved to continue reading until you introduce the product or service you are offering; getting the reader riveted is what counts.

Most people use the internet as a platform to get quick information. So, web copywriting becomes more effective if the material you present is to the point, creative and captivating.

Copywriting is information specific. People don’t need sonnets of praise or ornamental prose. All they want is to be told straight away what it is you are offering and why what you are offering can help them solve their problem or help them achieve their goal.

Of course this doesn’t mean that presentation doesn’t matter. In fact presentation, combined with a captivating headline are two of the elements that make or break a copy.

Keeping to short paragraphs, using bullet points, using pictures and specific psychological triggers to make your readers read on is the key to successful copywriting.

Copywriting is about writing original, interesting and exciting content. It’s not about cramming a page full of boring data. It’s more like writing a personal letter to a friend, addressing a problem he or she may be facing and what you can do to help.

You don’t have to have a degree in literature to be able to write good copy. All you need is some guidelines, a little training and some practice and you’re on your way. If you want to learn the skills of copywriting without having to pay through the nose,  my video tutorial  Copywriting Supremacy   can take you by the hand and  show you step-by-step how to write a hot copy.

I created this video tutorial with the newbie in mind and that’s why it is simple and to-the-point. If you are trying to sell anything online, this is the single most powerful tool you need to succeed.

Just remember to keep it short, simple and interesting and who knows, web copywriting may turn out to be a career option for you.

When I created my website I spent very little time focusing on the content which was found on the various web pages. Bad Move. As I was starting out I didn’t realise that what was written on the website needed to take into consideration the search engines as well as any visitors which came my way. I have to admit I was very naïve and I probably still am to a point. Marketing online has never been an issue so I started out right down at the bottom and I have been trying to work my way up ever since.

My part time online business is basically just a way for me to earn a little extra cash while working at home. I created a very basic website, through some content on the various pages and thought that that would be enough to have some people find my and hopefully invest a little bit of money in the services I provide.  Unsurprisingly I received little more than one or two visitors each day and none of them tried to get in touch with me.

Learning About Google Panda and the Importance of Content

I ended up trying to find ways of improving traffic online and it wasn’t long before I learnt the term search engine optimisation. There was a lot of information regarding a recent update, Google Panda, and how the content on your website is very important when it comes to not only helping your website rank higher in search engines, but also as a way of building trust and offering value to your visitors to help with conversion rates.

Tips on Writing for Your Business

I began working on the website immediately and contacted a writer to help me with the content. I learnt some excellent skills which I have been trying to improve upon ever since and so I thought I would share a few with fellow business men and women who are steeping out into the world of online business without having any experience or very little knowledge on how to market yourself effectively.

The about page needs attention

Without an about page it is not possible for your visitors to quickly find out about you and the services you are providing. It is a good idea to make the page as informative as possible without creating hundreds of words which are basically very boring to read. Create a simple page which provides concise information, but make it interesting else no one is going to want to spend time reading it or getting to know your business.

You can still keep your privacy

 I was very concerned about having information on the Internet which included my full name and also what I looked like. My SEO copywriter informed me that visitors like to see faces behind the business and know who to address their comments or enquiries too. I was very concerned about this but I discovered that it is perfectly acceptable to create a professional pseudonym. 

Find a writing style

Although I now use a writer to help me create content for my website on a regular basis I still have a style of writing which can be recognised on the site. I explained to my writer the type of voice I want to come across and over time we have created a strong blog full of content which is similar in style so that my regular readers are able to feel they know me and my business on a more personal level. I find this helps with linking with social media now which is an area I am just beginning to explore more for my business.

If you are unsure of the content on your blog and want to improve traffic contact a copywriting services company. Just like

When buyers of a product read its web copy, they often form an impression of the entire business it represents. They base their opinion through the language of the web copywriting they come across.

Web copywriting has become a much required skill for anyone trying to do business online.


The alternative, for the beginner is almost unthinkable!  Because the cost of having a copy written by a professional is simply unaffordable for most.


But how much faith  people put on what they  read on the web?


A  copywriter may just present some facts in a believable manner but which may not be true. It’s not as if this hasn’t ever happened.

What do you do then?

Misleading information presented in the web copy harms the image of the organisation behind it. For in a very real sense, the web copywriting of that product represents not only the product but also its makers.


This is where, old-fashioned as it may seem, ethics comes in. Being a web copywriter imposes on you a certain power.  The power of the written word.


There can’t be a hard and fast rule to gauge ethics  so, many a time you’ll find people shying away from buying products online, even of those deluged by marketing hype. A web copywriter has to be more informative and logical. An ethical approach to web copywriting keeping in mind etiquette reverses the declining public confidence in marketing.


If  all you do is try to sell your product,  from paragraph one, your  copywriting material is counterproductive to your sales purpose.

Instead, when writing for the web, you must keep in mind the internet’s informative aspect. The copy isn’t just about giving a blow by blow summation of the product. You’ve got to stick to facts but also remember not to blandly launch sales pitches everywhere. Chances are that a too direct marketing approach may have the opposite effect. People are turned off when they find too much of persistence and want of finesse on the other end. A copywriter isn’t a salesman. Ethics as well as etiquette are the subtler qualities you need to reflect in your copy when writing for the web.


The moment the reader thinks you’re trying to snare him into buying something, you’re sending out negative vibes. You have to consider the structure of the internet and the fact that it is communication through the written word. If you have a polite style of writing and gradually introduce the product, it definitely reads better than launching headway into where to click and how much to pay.

If you want your copy to succeed, you’ll have to keep these principles in mind.  This is one of the things I cover in my copywriting supremacy video tutorial and I think it’s essential for all to take note


From personal experiences I can tell you that Ethics and etiquette in web copywriting and even web development promotes long term business success and profit. So, such marketing content doesn’t merely rely on words but on attitude, character and manners as well!

To learn all the elements of successful copywriting visit Copywriting Supremacy

Do you realize that there is ONE skill valued above all others when it comes to doing business on the internet that when used properly can help you  sell almost ANYTHING?

It’s the skill of persuasive and influential copywriting and it’s a skill ANYONE can master.

If you take a close look at super-successful people, you’ll find that almost every one of them is a master of persuasion and they produce powerful sales letters to sell their products or services.

Think about this… By tapping into the power of persuasive copywriting, you can influence almost anyone to buy your product.

And you can even make them believe they’re getting the better end of the deal and that it is exactly what they need to solve their problem or achieve a certain goal.

When you master the skill of copywriting, you can make more money from your product, service, seminar, whatever it is that you are trying to market on the internet.

And learning to be a master in persuasive copywriting not only isn’t that difficult, it doesn’t have to cost the earth like some courses out there either.

You can learn all the tricks of the trade in under an hour and become an Expert copywriter in a short space of time.  All it takes is a little practice.

I should know, because I did it.  The only difference is that I had to pay dearly to learn it but it paid off because my first sales letter, sold my product, the same product that a professional copywriter wrote a sales letter for and failed to sell.

There I was, not a professional copywriter, but I wrote a copy that made even me want to buy my own product! That was a couple of years ago now.

Then I realized that many newbies would benefit from what I know and decided to create a simple product that does not overwhelm newbies, something easy to follow and step-by-step so I created a video tutorial an  And the result was my Copywriting Supremacy.

It’s been on Click Bank for less than a couple of weeks and it’s attracting affiliates like flies to honey!

So go check out Copywriting Supremacy if you want to learn this skill – and you can also make good commission from it if you become an affiliate.

Well, it’s been a while again, since my last post, but I’ve been busy fine tuning my product and it is now listed on clickbank.  I was quite surprised that they took only an hour to approve my product, when they tell you it could take between three to five days!

Anyway, the product went on click bank less than a week ago and  it’s already been reviewed. Not that I am lazy but I leave you to read the review here first and I’ll talk about it some more in my next post.


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