If you do business online are going to do one of the most important aspects of your success is your site.

Before you begin creating your site, if you have not done before, you must know the main language of the writing on the Internet – HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

If your main page is loaded for longer than 30 seconds the majority of visitors will leave in exasperation. The size of the main page should not be more than 60 KB. Be careful with the pictures. Large picture or photo should not be greater than 20 KB, and small – 2-3 KB. All pictures in its final form and size make a graphics program such as CorelDraw. There is an option when saving asks for money.

Forget the animation like a nightmare! They only annoy visitors as elephants on the dresser, but still have large dimensions.

Be careful with the background and text color. Generally better to stand out from the original content. And due to the form try to differentiate those who do not have enough content. In an extreme case, you can not afford even a background of pastel or cream tones with contrasting text. Your visitor should experience maximum comfort while reading your lyrics, and everything from childhood accustomed to reading in black and white. Use on one page combination of no more than three colors. Classic combinations such as white, blue and red, white, blue and yellow, green, yellow and brown, red, black and yellow. The purpose of graphic design is to inspire the visitor confidence in your reliability and seriousness, but not surprising extravagance.

Avoid graphics similar to banner ads, and located on the ground, typical of advertising (in the beginning and end pages).
Studies have shown that a person is very interested in knowing who is behind the site. Always tell the site information by which you can be reached. Respond to all emails within 48 hours. This will show your serious approach to business.

Your home page should clearly inform visitors about what you want to offer. How many times have you encountered the page in which it was impossible to understand what you want to offer?

Do not place banner ads at the top of the main page. Your visitor can go to the advertised website without seeing yours. In addition, the search engine robot can be indexed incorrectly. Do not place more than two banners on a page.

Constantly check and recheck their texts or grammatical errors. Use the program as a proofreader at the spelling. If you have text in at least a few bugs the site will look unprofessional.

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